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    Need help combining herbs Neem, Triphala, Shilajit, Guduchi, Manjista

    Hello. I am new to Ayuverda. Looking for guidance on my herb combo. I have weight, stress and depression issues. I have stopped eating sugar and gluten. I am exercising, changing my eating habits and I feel a lot better. I am losing weight. I have been reading on Ayuverda and would like to take herbs to detox for general well being. I have ordered the following and would like advice on dosage and combination:

    1) Triphala tablets 1000 mg
    2) Neem leaves capsules 475 mg
    3) Shilajit powder extract 1/2 tsp is 1000 mg
    4) Organic Guduchi stem powder
    5) Organic Manjista root powder

    I have been taking the Manjista for about 3 weeks by itself. I just started the Guduchi, Shilajit, Neem and Triphala. I am taking the powders in a warm cup of green or herbal/tulsi tea. Currently taking about 1/2 tsp ea of the Guduchi and Manjista, 1/8 tsp of the Shilajit all together. I am taking 1-2 capsules of neem and Triphala.

    -Is my combo and dosage correct?
    -Should I rethink anything?
    -How long can I use these herbs?
    -Do I continue taking the powders 2x a day?
    -should I up my neem and triphala from 1x to 2x a day?

    Thank you so much for the guidance.

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    How is your herbal treatment going on?

    Dear Rebecca,

    I was also searching for similar combination of herbs to use for my day to day usage and to maintain good health. I have come across your questions and wanted to understand your experience.

    Did you continue to use those combinations? How are you feeling now and how long you are planning to use the same combinations? Any suggestions for me, please?

    Mahesh Pochareddy

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