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    Natural Devotion Ayurveda Online

    Niamh Kane is a specialist practitioner in Ayurveda, herbalogy and holistic wellness. Niamh completed six months Panchakarma, Massage, Nutrition, Herbalogy and Ayurvedic Psychology training in Dharmsala, India and is certified and registered with The Indian Scientific Institute of Ayurveda. Niamh also studied two months at Kopan Monastery where she met with Tibetan Dr. Ngawa Takpa in Nepal, here he guided her to fine tune her pulse and tongue diagnostics. Niamh also worked closely with mentors in Australia and New Zealand to establish herself firmly within the guidelines of Ayurveda under supervision of other highly trained therapists.

    If you are embarking on a guided cleanse, accepting and releasing old thinking patterns or your body just needs some hands on attention, Niamh can help guide you to your natural balance. Niamh is actively holding Ayurvedic Workshops and consultations while she travels the world, including Thailand, Melbourne, Sydney and New Zealand, where she offers deeply transformative, safe and effective seasonal cleanses to those clients seriously committed to revitalising their health. She is currently practising in Chiang Mai and runs workshops in Chiang Rai at the New Life Foundation on a monthly basis.

    In her spare time, Niamh contributes articles to other websites including Vision Golden and Dream It Alive and Self Growth, to spread the word of Ayurveda and to encourage readers that itís never too late to make their dreams come true, whether that dream is health, travel or a complete lifestyle redesign; anythingís possible. You can hire Niamh to write for your website here.

    You can also start an online consultation via Skype or simply call: +66 956456205 for more information.
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