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    Ancient Indian Ayurveda

    Indian Ayurveda is a very ancient Technic to cure the diseases with help of various kinds of leafs. The Technic is named as "Charaka Samhita" . The use of Ayurveda was improved and developed by the Great South Indian Dynasty named Pallava's. Prince Bodi Dharma was very found of it..

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    In the ancient times around 2nd century Pallava’s have established there dynasty in the southern part of India. They were wise and they know the use of each and every oil extracted from the nature. Later on they discovered ayurveda which they called it as “Cheraka Samhitha” through which physical damage can be cured by these naturally extracted oils. They used this kind of treatment for the people who were injured in the wars to cure their physical damages. Later on this ayurveda as been taught to the entire world by the Great Pallavan Prince Bodhi Dharma.

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    People in the ancient times the used to call ayurveda as Cheraka samhita.

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    thanks for giving information

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