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    Ancient Indian Ayurveda

    Indian Ayurveda is a very ancient Technic to cure the diseases with help of various kinds of leafs. The Technic is named as "Charaka Samhita" . The use of Ayurveda was improved and developed by the Great South Indian Dynasty named Pallava's. Prince Bodi Dharma was very found of it..

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    In the ancient times around 2nd century Pallava’s have established there dynasty in the southern part of India. They were wise and they know the use of each and every oil extracted from the nature. Later on they discovered ayurveda which they called it as “Cheraka Samhitha” through which physical damage can be cured by these naturally extracted oils. They used this kind of treatment for the people who were injured in the wars to cure their physical damages. Later on this ayurveda as been taught to the entire world by the Great Pallavan Prince Bodhi Dharma.

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    People in the ancient times the used to call ayurveda as Cheraka samhita.

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    thanks for giving information

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    Yes ,this is the first question asked when a person think of starting ayurveda “does ayurveda really work?” answer is as follows….

    Ayurveda is such an old and holistic branch of medicine which defines its power in its name only..AYU-life and VEDA – science. Science which tells us about LIFE. Everyone wants healthy life to enjoy , for them this is right choice to deal with. Also, if you have some illness ayurveda is there to cure with touch of nature.

    Ayurveda proceeds from an understanding of unchanging laws of the universe rather than merely follow human invention. That’s why principal methods of Ayurveda remains constant for years. Universe as well as our body is made up of five elements as earth,water,air,fire,ether. Human being is replica of greater world. The three forces in the external world are the sun, moon, and wind that governs all the process of nature. Same as vaat , pitta, and kapha in our body.

    Ayurveda is not only a system of medicine in the conventional sense of methodology for treating diseases but it is a way of life that teaches us how to maintain health and improve both our energy and our awareness, how to live life to our full human and spiritual potential. Ayurveda treats the human being a whole combination of body, mind and immortal soul. It always consider the psychological and spiritual dimension along with the healing of physical dimensions promotes to understand effect of all our actions from waking up in morning, eating, sleeping, work, study, prayer, meditation.

    When we look around we see clearly that there are tremendous variations among human beings both physically and psychologically. Ayurveda considers both for health and happiness. That’s why patient having same complaints may differ in treatment according to his body constitution involved.

    Thus ayurveda is both art and science, showing us not only the principle of right living but also key to creating a style of living that make us happy. Ayurveda regimes of right living is designed for the achievement of long, healthy, active life relief from pain and disease.

    Thus if you want to give yourself natural cleansing to get rid of illness and disease “AYURVEDA DEFINITELY WORKS.”
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