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    Sex Problem - need help!!

    Dear Ayurvedic experts,

    I am a young boy aged 24 yrs and 57 Kg weight. I am not able to name my problem. When I entered teenage I got attraction for sexually explicit things, and unknowingly once I did masturbate at age of 14/15 since then I got problem of nightfalls (swapnadosh). Earlier frequency was high i.e. twice-thrice a week but now the nightfall frequency has dropped to once in 10 days approx. I am also addicted to watch explicit videos and sites and it gets ejaculated while watching. I myself consider it wrong but I am driven away, sometimes I have controlled my desires even for months but again I am driven away.

    Let me tell you that I am unmarried and haven't indulged in sex with anyone yet. Now I feel weakness,my weight is also less and am lean, less thick hair, less thick semen(virya), weak and small penis and testicles, early discharge. Sometimes I feel distressed and am afraid if I would become impotent. Please give proper advice regarding diet, exercises and required treatment.

    My diet is strict vegetarian, I don't take any kind of intoxication not even tea and coffee, no tobacco etc.

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    I will advice you to first consult your doctor & take proper suggestions from them. If your physician tells you that you are going through Erectile Dysfunction problem. Then, take proper medicines to get rid from the issues otherwise try online ED medications such as Sildenafil Citrate, Aurogra, Silagra 100mg, Sildenafil, Filagra & many others. As it is effective to fight against the problem.

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