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Dr. Mario R Denis MsD.

Partnering with traditional Masters of the body we bring to you the most effective formulas of the Ancient Ayurvedic Heritage.

Most importantly the “Essence” endowed during procurement remains.

Remedies: Agar 35, Bimala, Chulen, Jing Builder, Semde, Shilajit.

Watching your diet and the intake of foods and substances. Remember as above so below. What you take in the "portals" of your higher or head region, e,g, eat with your mouth, see with your eyes, hear with your ears etc. effect the lower areas of your body. For instance drinking alcohol is like waging war on the liver.

Discover your passion in order to keep your heart shining. Be sure to identify your motivation at all times and keep it guarded. This can be seen as keeping your will and ambition intact.

Raise your sexual energies in order to increase your current. Investigate thoroughly how your sexual energy and actions effect your life and work to raise your sexual energies while maintaining your ground. This will serve to keep both forces in balance.

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