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    science and spirituality

    I've been fascinated by the marriage of sense and soul for a few years now and found this article interesting. Can anyone clarify for me the concept of the ether element in Ayurvedic science? The 2 qualities or elements of Vata are ether and air (as taught by my tutors in Kerala). I have always taken the ether element to be connected with 'spirit'. Is this correct?

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    Yoga is the ability to, maybe not "stop" the voice in the head, but at least to "ignore" the voice in the head...!!!!

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    Yoga make mind calm and Body Fit.

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    This is not correct. Vata(air) Pitta(acidic) and cough(cold) are three dosh found in human body which are responsible for digestive system of human body. If digestive system is not good and human is not taking good amount of food in human body.

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