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    Infertility with low AMH and Low LH

    I have been diagnosed with low AMH. Please suggest me , which ayurvedic medicine i can take to improve ovarian reserve and good quality eggs.

    Tell me which tablets and can i take it daily .

    Also, i have low leutenizing hormone level. Which medicine can i take for this.

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    I think you should consult with a good doctor for this, so that you get the proper medication and treatment. See that you inform all your menstrual dates to your doctor, so he is aware about your menstrual health and regularities, to diagnose correctly.

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    Apart from consulting your doctor, you can take fruitful steps like using of menstrual cups in your menstrual days instead of pads and tampons. In some case it has been seen that the major cause of low AMH and pH level of vagina is the use of pads and tampons which along with absorbing menstrual fluid, also absorbs large amounth of vaginal moisture. On the other hand, menstrual cups can not at all interfer with the vaginal environment and prove to be the best sanitary protector. To get more on it, you can click here and take the benefits of sanitary protection.

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    Infertility with low AMH and Low LH

    what necessary phrase..., a magnificent idea

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