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Thread: common cold

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    common cold

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    The sneezing nose calls cold. Known as acute coryza, nasopharyngitis, rhinopharyngitis. Well over 200 viruses implicated in the cause of cold according to modern science. And Vata and kafa dosha are cause of cold according to ayurveda. Comman cold is the disease of upper respiratory tract.

    Complications: Headaches, fever, trouble to breath, nasal congestion, cough.

    Treatment: one day hot water fast, Nasya, if complication, under go Basti a therapy of Panchakarma, Dhumrapan(ayurvedic smoking), Abhyang(massage), Swedana( hot ), etc.

    Medicines: Anandbhairav ras, Laxmivilas ras, Tribhovankirti ras, Mpcare, Febroff, Mahasudarshan, Sitopaladi, Tulsi, Gingerís juice + honey or gud, Nagarvelís juice, etc.

    Avoid: ice Ė cold items, milk, milky items, sweets, fruits, curd, etc.

    * Special note: Operation for sinus is not success as per survey.
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    Great sharing. I have flu problem at this time so i need this information. This information is useful. I will try to avoid these things.

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    This information helped me a lot. Ayurveda, really is a miracle therapy which can treat any disease.
    Individualized tutoring is the best way to learn and understand any subject.

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    Ayurveda has number of herbs and species beneficial for curing common cold.

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