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    Just to add to everyone's excellent tips:

    Foods that have spicy, astringent, or bitter taste tend to reduce Kapha (which is also the most common problem with people who are overweight). Further, there are some herbs that you can incorporate in your diet which can help you lose weight. Guggul (1 gram 3 times a day) or shilajit (1/2 gram twice daily). If your issue is emotional eating then Brahmi can be used for calming the mind.

    As for exercise wake up before dawn and do Surya Namaskar, yes I know that is easier said than done, but in the time between 3AM and 7AM Vata is influencing and between 7AM to 11AM Kapha is reigning, hence if you are looking to lose weight it is good idea to wake up early.

    Hope this helps.

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    First we have to manage our diet and eating habits,try to consist on vegetables,fruits,beans and drinks more and more water.Also engage ourselves in some kind of physical workouts,games and exercises which plays a vital role to eliminate our extra fat and weight.

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    Well!!Ayurveda tips is the best for weight loss.Some people use the supplements foods for keep fitness and weight loss.So try to take fresh fruits and vegetables in your daily intake as they are more nutritious.Butaccording to me that buckwheat foods so good for the weight loss..
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    Ayurveda tips are always good for weight loss. I always prefer natural ways to loss weight. Many people use pills form weight loss that is not good for health. Anyway nice tips and suggestions.
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    Interesting video on Ayurveda weight loss

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    Interesting ayurvedic spices for weight loss

    Click image for larger version. 

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    For weight loss: Every morning on empty stomach drink one glass warm water mixed with juice of half lemon and one teaspoonful honey.

    Include bitter gourd, squash, zucchini, flat rice, salads and roughage in your diet.

    Take lots of fruits like Papaya, watermelon, apple, oranges and grapes.

    Take a cup or two of ginger tea on a daily basis.

    Drink 8-10 glass of water daily preferably warm water.

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    Best Ayurvedic Tips for weight loss:

    1.Diet: In Ayurveda there is a best therapy for Obesity is called “Langhanam”- The Fasting Therapy

    - If possible than take food only one time in a day and second time prefer boiled vegetable soup.

    - Take lime water with honey regularly

    - Use Barley, Jowar, Millet, Foenugreek, Moringa Teringosperma, Karela, Turmeric and Ginger in diet

    2.Yoga - Regular Yoga and Pranayam also helps to reduce weight

    - Yoga like Suryanamaskar, Sarwangasanam, Paschimottanasanam, Dhanurasanam, Chakrasanam and Suryanamaskar

    - Pranayam like Kapalbhati and Bhastrika

    3.Panchakarma Treatment : Panchkarma treatments has excellent result for obesity. Because of Panchkarma the Agni of vitiated Dhatu becomes normal.

    In Panchkarma Therapeutic Vaman Karma, Virechana Karma And also Lekhaniya Basti (Medicated Enema) are very useful for reducing excess fat.

    4. Ayurvedic Medication After using all of this if u cant loose your weight than you should use Ayurvedic Medicines. But never use any medicine without consulting right physician. Because if it is not match to your Prakruti than it will be harmful for your health.

    Thus do some changes in lifestyle and obey some basic rules and become a part of obesity free society.

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    dr Kamaldutt
    1 - Do jogging or fast walking everyday morning - for 1 hour.
    2 - Avoid heavy food in morning - have - less sugar tea and chapati or light breakfast like - upama/idli.
    3 - Avoid cold water and all frozen things.
    4 - Never sleep at day time. -
    5 - U can eat three times but it should be light - without ghee/ less oil.
    6 - Ayurvedic medicines
    - take Medohar gugglu
    - 2 tabs three times daily
    - tab - Chitrakdi vati
    - 1 tab two times daily after food.
    tab - Harikaki
    - 3 tabs daily at night liquid
    - Manjisthadi Kadha
    - 2 tea spoon daily thrice after food.

    keep continue for - 5/6 months.

    dr kamaldutt vaidya
    vadodara, Gujarat.

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    All Womens Talk

    The Top 10 Vegetables for Weight Loss

    The humble cucumber is one of the best vegetables for weight loss. It´s extremely low in calories and contains lots of water. As well as being served up in salads, did you know that you can actually grill cucumber?

    When trying to lose weight, include plenty of broccoli in your diet. It contains no fat at all, and plenty of carbohydrate. This are slow-release carbohydrates, which is great for helping to keep your energy levels up.

    3. BEANS
    You might not have realised that beans actually count as vegetables. The great thing about using them for weight loss is that they also count as a source of protein and have lots of fibre. So cut down on your meat intake and substitute all or some of it with beans instead.

    4. SPINACH
    Spinach is another brilliant vegetable when you´re trying to lose weight. If you´ve always disliked it, try cooking it very lightly – spinach needs barely any cooking at all. You can also serve it raw in salads.

    Carrots should be included among vegetables for losing weight. Just think of all that beta-carotene and fibre! The other good thing about carrots is that they are great eaten raw – all that chewing will keep you busy!

    6. CELERY
    Like cucumber, celery is pretty much all water, and contains hardly any calories, so it´s great for weight loss. You also get fibre and protein as well. Celery is another vegetable that´s great for eating raw – just don´t be tempted to smother it with a creamy dip!

    7. PEPPERS
    Here´s why peppers are brilliant for weight loss. Do your diets fail because you have a craving for sweet foods? Red, yellow and orange peppers are very sweet, so can help satisfy (or at least distract) those cravings – and they´re great for providing Vitamin C too!

    Alfafa sprouts are easy to grow at home, so you can have a constant supply of calorie-busting veggies! Use them in stir-fries (using very little oil, of course) or in salads. You get lots of vitamins and minerals as a bonus.

    9. ONIONS
    When choosing vegetables for losing weight, it´s important to remember that you want to include lots of flavour so that your diet doesn´t get too boring. Onions are excellent for adding taste to your meals, whether you prefer them raw or cooked.

    I´ve already mentioned spinach as an excellent vegetable for weight loss, and leafy green vegetables in general are very useful in achieving this aim. They are low in calories but high in fibre and vitamins. Try kale, watercress, lettuce, swiss chard and mustard greens.

    There are lots of vegetables for losing weight, but be careful to avoid the more calorific ones such as avocado (which may be healthy but has a high fat content). Look for those vegetables that are low in calories and still contain lots of vitamin and fibre. What are the best vegetables for weight loss that are still tasty and enjoyable?
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