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Thread: Fish, Benefits.

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    Hi Eddie,
    Fish is great for health, vision and brain so we must add fish in our daily meals. Fish protects body from free radicals and prevents from certain types of cancer. Fish lowers high blood pressure and great to deal with depression and other cardiovascular disease. Fish is good for skin, boost digestive system and helps on losing weight.

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    Fish is the best and huge source for get the protein and energy.Fish is so good for strength of the body and fitness.I am agree with your reviews that it is so good for the digestive system and the blood pressure patients....
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    Fish Benefits:
    1. Heart disease
    2. Brain
    3. Cancer
    4. Skin
    5. Depression
    6. Eyesight
    7. Asthma
    8. Weight Loss

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    Fish has many essential nutrition for human, it is a rich source of Omega3 fatty acids. Eating fish give you many health benefits. It improves heart health and prevents from stroke.
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    Fish Benefits:
    Cardiovascular disease
    Healthy Heart and Brain
    Cardiovascular disease
    Decreases Asthma Risk

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    Fish is really very beneficial for our health.
    It controls the cholesterol level.
    Keeps heart healthy and prevents from heart stroke.
    Burns the fat and lose excess of the body weight.
    Remove the joint pain.
    Protects from the caner.

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    Hi Eddie,
    Great thread on the health benefits of fish and like to say fish reduce cholesterol level, reduce blood pressure and prevent from hypertension, stoke and other heart disease. Fish is used to cure joint pains and good for vision also.

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    Fish is good source of protein and fiber that are useful for body. It prevents us from many diseases. Fish is good for hair growth and also good for blood pressure.

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    Yes Exactly, Fish one of the important sources of vitamins and minerals known to mankind.

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    Rich source of Omega 3 fatty acids
    For Heart Health
    Reduces the risk of heart diseases
    Maintains circulatory system
    Best source of protein

    You can even take in the form of Fish Oil Capsules

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