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Thread: Joint pains

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    Joint pains

    Does resting the joint reduce the pain or make it worse?

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    I've found it works, I'm going to my doctor tomorrow to see what else I can do. I'll fill you all in!

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    It will depend on the kind of cause you have for joint pain. If it is osteo-artheritis which is a natural degeneration of bone joints because of aging, here the synovial fluid that works as gets reduced and the bones face friction against each other while moving, so resting prevents abrasion and the joint pain is relieved. But in case of other diseases, e.g Rheumatoid Arthritis, which is an auto-immune disease, the pain and swelling is because of bodies own defense cells attacking the bone joints. Rest might not be provide huge relief here but still some relief is there, because of same reason as Osteo Arthritis.

    Dr Kanika Verma
    Ayurveda Consultant

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    Also donít forget that you can modify your activities to accommodate the painful joint. For example, if your hip is hurting, take a break from walking and try water aerobics for a few weeks instead.

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