To sustain the bodily fitness, people run the hell out of the early mornings or whenever suitable. Running is a proactive exercise which pumps up your blood and regenerates the body cycle. From legs till chest every part of the body gets warmed-up but initially, it can lead to cramps in various organs. They are indeed very painful and most of the initiators even miss their routine on the very second day. Igniting the body before running or any other heavy exercises is mandatory. Yoga warm-up can benefit in strengthening your muscles before running. You can cultivate these skills from the [HTML]Yoga training in Rishikesh[/HTML].
Yoga helps in stretching up your muscles and retains the elasticity. Those who start the exercises like running instantly fail to perform well as their bodily muscles are not ready yet to bear the stresses. The strains you put on them lead to fatigue, cramps etc. But warming up with yoga helps in getting rid of such problems. The basic yoga stretches which will warm up and stretch your muscles are
The Forward Fold aka Uttan-asana: Stretch up your arms in the air and bring them down to the ground. It is an intense bending forward exercise to stretch your body perfectly.
Standing Backend aka Ardha Anuvitt-asana: Inhale ample of oxygen and stretch your chest with arms in the air. Try to bend backward and balance your body.
Low Lunge aka Anjaney-asana: It is a hip extension asana, brings your right leg in front and extends your back leg backward. While inhaling join your hands in the air. Repeat this posture by extending your right leg backward and stretch your chest.
Warrior Two aka Virabhadra-asana: This yoga posture depicts a warrior fighting with the enemies and here you enemies are the bodily stresses and strains. Stretch your arm in 180 degrees facing opposite and widen your legs. Align your knee with the ankle in front and repeat it accordingly.
Reverse Warrior aka Vipitra Virbhadhdra- asana: Stretch your legs and hold your right leg with the right arm. Extend your left arm in the air while inhaling. Repeat this posture with the left leg backward.