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ID:	5152When your backpacker travels take you all over the world or just out of your routine for the weekend, you could be susceptible to diarrhea. You are off on an adventure to sample the delights and satisfy your senses, by taking in new sights, touching new earth, listening to different sounds and tasting delectably diverse cuisine. You do so much while you are away that when a bout of diarrhea finally catches up with you, it can be difficult for a traveller to pinpoint exactly where it came from, let alone stop clutching your stomach long enough to search for help.

During my travels in Asia, myself and many of my backpacker companions have discussed at length diarrhea protocol when travelling, such as:

Where's the nearest toilet? Identify, clench butt and run!
Is it a squattie? because my legs are like jelly!
Is there a bum gun? no?
Is there toilet roll? Please God let there be toilet roll!
Is that a fart? I hope so!
I didn't pack enough underwear for this!
Did I get a parasite?
What can I do? Scream?
When will it end? There's nothing left of me!
Am I going to poop myself to death?
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If you are a herbal tea drinker you may already have a remedy nearby. Red raspberry leaves or cherry bark have astringent qualities, which can be effective for diarrhea, it slows the colon down, which in turn gives the body a chance to remove water from the feces as it passes through.

For reducing inflammation of the digestive tract you can use chamomile, fennel, fenugreek, peppermint or cinnamon, boil any of those herbs and leave to simmer for 5 minutes, drink while warm. Fennel or black cumin seeds will also help with a mild fever.

Fruit is a laxative but it can also help in the case of diarrhea especially bananas. If you don't have time to boil raw bananas, peel them, mix them with ghee, turmeric, salt and cloves. Then just go get some bananas and eat them, it will help make your movements more solid and less crampy.

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ID:	5153Eat papaya seeds in case of a parasite. Papaya seeds have anti-helminthic and anti-amoebic properties, allowing them to kill intestinal worms and parasites. If you want to use the seeds to kill parasites, consume a few spoonfuls each morning and night for a week or two on an empty stomach. Eating the fruit itself is helpful as it contains two digestive enzymes similar to that of the pancreas which helps break down protein. Believe me you'll need all the help you can get.

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ID:	5154Electrolytes are essential so if you are in a coconut friendly region then crack some open and replenish yourself. If not add a pinch of Himalayan salt to your water. Remember to drink plenty of water too, if you want to combat all the loss of fluids and not be completely drained.

Take a probiotic. Eat some organic natural yoghurt, drink some kombucha or sip on some kefir if possible. This will help your gut flora get back on top. Start slowly with a couple of spoonfuls a day and build up to more. People often drink kombucha and kefir like it's a soft drink but it's medicinal and should be treated as such. Consuming too much too quickly could result in headaches, flatulence, tiredness and bloating as the probiotic kills off bad bacteria at a quicker rate than your body can expel efficiently.

If you have access to a pharmacy that sells Ayurveda medicine, get your hands on Dysentrol. I've used this successfully since 2011 with amoeba, parasites, food poisoning and just general diarrhea. It takes effect almost immediately.

Everything in moderation including moderation and herbal remedies! Some people assume because something is herbal there is no limit to the intake. Again as with the probiotics pay herbs the respect they deserve and start slowly and separately with each remedy so you can monitor which is effective for you. If you see no improvement or there is blood in your stool, see a doctor immediately for treatment.

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ID:	5155Remember diarrhea is a symptom of your body trying to get rid of something so it's best to let it run it's course if possible while strengthening your digestive tract. You can see more information on my website for travelling, yoga and ayurveda.