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  • 08-09-2019, 12:19 AM
    Thanks for sharing the benefits of cold water bath.
  • 02-04-2019, 01:53 AM
    Benefits of Cold Water Bath:
    Skin care: The cold water bath is beneficial for the glowing skin. The cold water will not eliminate the natural oils from the skin and don’t dry out the skin. The cold water will reduce the redness from the sin and it also enhances the closing pores.
    Hair: It also helps in reducing the hair fall problem and don’t remove the natural and essential oils from the scalp. The cold water bath is the natural way to get the shiny hairs which allow the light to reflect from the hair.
    Recovery from exercise: Taking a cold water bath will help in improving the vitality, invigorate, and also reduce the flow of lymph fluid. Most of the sportsperson and athletes take the cold water bath after the training and intense workout.
    Improve immune system: A cold water bath also help in improving the immune system. The recent studies show that taking the cold water bath help in fighting with the flu and cold issue.
    Weight loss: Taking the cold water bath will also boost the metabolism which helps in reducing the weight. A recent studies show that in daily routine if a person take a cold water bath will burn the 500 calories per day.
    Side Effects of Hot Water Bath:
    Fertility: The scientist studies show that taking more than 30 minutes of hot water bath will give side effects to the fertility. It will give the side effect for the procreate. Taking the hot water bath is not good for the fertility.
    Cause Dry Skin: Taking the Hot water bath will make the skin dry which makes the skin itchy and you will get the reaction in the skin for itchy. The hot water bath will also give the allergies and rashes to the skin.
    Laziness: The hot water bath will make you lazy because after the hot water bath you will feel sleepy and you don’t want to do the work which is the huge side effects of the hot water bath.
    Hair fall: If you take the hot water bath, then it will cause the issue of hair fall. The hot water will remove the essential oils from the scalp and directly give the effects to the hair roots which lead to hair fall issue.
  • 02-13-2018, 08:35 AM
    Jagmeet Brar

    Top 5 Cold Water Bath Benefits | Side Effects of Hot water bath

    Hello Friends,
    My Name is Jagmeet Brar. I Love Ayurveda remedies. So I always try to research about Ayurveda. Few days back I read If we take bath of hot water then in future we can suffer from almost 123 diseases. these diseases can be mentally or physical. Therefore we should always take cold water bath or very less warm water bath.
    Regarding this topic i also write a Post on my Blog Post link is

    I request you to please read this article and if you know more about this topic. Please comment. I need you help and suggestions.
    Jagmeet Brar

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