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Kundalini yoga exercise

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  • Kundalini yoga exercise

    Victory over the lower self-- the Ego Eradictor

    Sit in easy pose with the spine straight and the chin slightly tucked in to lengthen the back of the neck.
    The arms are up, forming a victorious V. Keep them straight, strong and long throughout the exercise. The fingers are bent with the fingertips pressing on the pads of the hands, except for the thumbs which stick straight out. The shoulders are slightly pulled back, exposing the heart.
    The eyes are closed and gazing upwards and inwards at the third eye.

    Now begin a steady Breath of Fire, through the nose, pumping the belly. If you are unsure about how to do Breath of Fire or you have a stuffy nose, stick the tongue all the way out to the chin and pant like a dog.
    With this Breath of Fire, you are activating your navel power and igniting the purifying inner fire. By having the arms in this position, you are taking this powerful energy up into the chest, cleaning out the heart and lungs, and strengthening and increasing the energy field around you-- your aura. The straighter your arms, the more energy will be channelled into the aura. The thumbs represent the ego and must stay rigid so that you are also purifying the ego.

    Try this for 1 to 3 minutes. Then, inhale through the nose and hold the breath as you bring the thumbtips together overhead and straighten the other fingertips towards the sky, keeping the arms long. Hold the breath in as long as you can, then, keeping the posture, exhale all the breath out of the lungs and hold as long as possible. Then inhale again, hold as long as possible, and finally exhale and very carefully, very consciously bring the arms down at sides, feeling the big, bright, strong field of energy all around you.
    More experienced practitioners can add a mulbandh, or root lock, on the inhale and exhale, pulling their energy up throught the spine and fingertips.

    The Ego Eradicator will clear out old energy, repetitive thoughts and feelings of depression or lethargy. It is not a permanent solution to your problems-- but it will make you feel light and optimistic, clear-headed and energized. It's a wonderful way to pull yourself out of feeling stuck and hopeless. As with all techniques that transform negative energy, the biggest challenge is finding within yourself that little spark of willingness to actually do them when you're feeling down.

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    I just did a couple of downward dog poses and it really feels like the blood rushes to my head, quite intensely. Even my eyes feel the pressure and it feels like too much. Now I'm dizzy. I just wonder if I stay in the pose too long if something will burst??? I seem to be able to stay down for 5-10 seconds, and that's it. This isn't the first time I've noticed this. I do not have high blood pressure, I actually have lower than normal blood pressure usually.

    I've read I should ease into it, and go into another pose when this happens, but should this be happening? With lower blood pressure why would it get so intense on a downward dog pose? Literally I can feel the blood draining from the rest of my body into my head, my sinuses, neck and eyes feel the pressure a lot and it feels really quite uncomfortable.
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      When you are feeling uncomfortable (and not in a good way) in a yoga pose, back out of it. Yoga should feel good, always (thought this doesn't mean it always feels easy!).
      Perhaps you are not used to doing inverted poses where you heart is higher than your head. You're right that you should ease into it. Do some warm-up stretches to get the blood circulating through your body and a few standing forward bends (like the ones we do at the beginning of a sun salutation) before you attempt to hold a downward dog. You can also do several short downward dogs followed by cobras (inhaling in cobra and exhaling into downard dog, and repeat a few times). The point is to get used to being upside down and not try to hold an inverted posture for more than a couple seconds until it feels comfortable. You'll likely find that you will get used to being inverted very quickly, and then you'll be able to go into a downward dog "cold" with no problem.
      By the way, I too have very low blood pressure and do not have any issues in downward dog. I do notice that when I change positions quickly (lying down to standing up for example) I get some discomfort, so I'm careful.


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        The kundlini yoga exercise is the best for good health but you have to more take care of this because it is very difficult to do and you have to do this under the trainer and they helps to do it. it is very helpful for good health by this mots of the disease you can reduce.


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          Yoga is always best exercise for health. Many people loves it to do but it is important to do it significantly otherwise it will damage our body. First we have to stretch out our body for at least10 days because it help us to do yoga more easily.
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            Among the most difficult challenges for beginning yoga students is creating a home yoga practice. For that a student must choose from a growing list of techniques and arrange the selections to fit into a never-quite-adequate length of time. The practices mushroom as you progress from class to class, and it can be difficult to keep up with them all. It can be even more difficult to measure the relative significance of the practices (“How important is this?”) or to make sure that when you are doing them at home you are doing them correctly.


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              Balancing is not a static act. Imagine the typical depiction of weighing scales: two plates held by a common string suspended at a point halfway between them. When two equally weighted objects are placed upon the scales, there is a slight swaying motion, like a pendulum. If one side is too heavy, the scales tip and balance is lost. When both sides are equal, there is still a slight oscillation around the middle position. This rebalancing is the returning to wholeness and health.
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                The kundlini yoga work out exercises is the best for great wellness but you have to more manage this because it is very challenging to do and you have to do this under the instructor and they allows to do it. it is very beneficial for great wellness by this mots of the condition you can decrease.


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                  Hi guys... Really nice information about yoga which you share with us and also nice above comments, guys i also want to say something about yoga, friends if you want to lose your weight so, yoga is most important part of this purpose you should take yoga regularly in the morning or evening and friends if you want keep your health good then you should healthy foods like sea foods and many other's...
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                    Activating your navel power and igniting the purifying inner fire. By having the arms in this position, you are taking this powerful energy up into the chest, cleaning out the heart and lungs, and strengthening and increasing the energy field around you-- your aura.


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                      Kundalini Yoga workouts exercises symbolizes a mental and physical self-discipline of Yoga exercises that is designed at the development of the hygiene of the mind and the body thereby providing the way for a state of religious intake. Kundalini Yoga workouts exercises can be used through the techniques of relaxation.
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                        Well!!I am agree with your reviews about Kundalini yoga exercise.Yoga work so good for the body weight loss.it keep your body slim because of streching of body mussels.Yoga also help in reducing the stress.

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                          Not drinking enough water, Drinking diet soda and beverages, Eating off larger plates,
                          Sleeping too little or too much...
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                            Kundalini yoga is a physical, mental and spiritual discipline for developing strength, character, and consciousness
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                              I recharge my body and keep healthy n fit with the help of yoga.
                              Yoga gives a physical and mental benefits. yoga helps in physical and mental problems with the help of asanas.
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