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Pregnancy Care (According to Ayurveda)

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  • Pregnancy Care (According to Ayurveda)

    Important of month wise regimen

    The monthly regime is followed every month by a pregnant woman as advised by Ayurveda. This regime promotes the growth and development of the fetus & prevents abortion and miscarriage
    • For maintaining health & increasing strength
    • Providing nutrition and complexion to both mother as well as the baby
    • For passage of urine & stools without any difficulty
    • Softening of pelvic organs, abdomen, back, skin and & and for easy delivery
    • By following the dietetic regime the woman remains healthy & delivers at the right time a child possessing good health, energy, strength and a good voice.

    Dos and Doníts for pregnant lady

    • Avoid excessive sexual activity
    • Avoid strenuous exercise
    • Donít sleep during the day
    • Donít hold the urge to pass urine/motion etc.
    • Avoid giving in cravings for alcohol, red meat etc.
    • Donít wear Brightly colored(red etc.) clothes
    • Donít lie on the back for long period of time; try to turn the left while sleeping.
    • After 8th month these procedures may be carried out in a delicate manner if they are important

    e.g. Ė The emetic chosen should be sweet & mild in the action.
    - Instead of purgatives, one should select a laxative diet or enema.
    - The diet as well as medicines should not be toxic to the fetus.

    • Exercise moderately everyday.
    • Always use soft mattress & cushioned sofa.
    • Try to keep mentally calm.

    Register with us and get Ayurvedic month wise regime with full detail absolutely free.

    Practical Advices during Pregnancy
    • During first trimester of pregnancy most women experience nausea & pregnancy, thus they cannot have a proper diet.
    • Use of cold & sweet liquid diet & milk will prevent dehydration and supply required nourishment.
    • The drug of Madhura (sweet) group being anabolic will help in maintenance of proper health of mother & fetus.
    • Fourth month onwards muscular tissue of fetus grows sufficiently requiring more protein, which is supplied by use of meat soup.
    • By the end of second trimester most women suffer from edema of feet and other complications of water accumulation.
    • Use of Gokshur (Tribulas terrestris) a good diuretic in sixth month will prevent retention of water as well as its complications.
    • The drug of Vidarigandhadi Group are diuretic, anabolic, relaxes emaciation and suppress PITTA and KAPHA DOSHAS; their regular use in seventh month might help in maintaining health of mother and fetus.
    • Most women experience constipation in late pregnancy due to pressure of gravid uterus over the bowels & effect of progesterone.
    • Use of enema in eight month will relive this constipation; beside this may also affect the autonomous nervous system governing myometrium and help in regulating their function during labour.
    • Tampon of oil may destroy pathogenic bacteria of vaginal canal & prevent puerperal sepsis, besides this tampon may also soften vaginal passage thus help in normal labor.
    • The regular use of tampon might influence autonomic fibers governing myometrium & help in regulating their functions and this softens the perineum and help in its relaxation during labour.
    • Milk & drug of Madhura (sweet) group have been advised for entire pregnancy period as it helps in maintenance of proper health of mother and growth and development of fetus.
    • The diet should be sweet, capable of suppressing VATA Dosha, either fat and salt free or with little quantity of fat & salt, light & be taken repeatedly in small amounts followed by use of little quantity of water.
    • According to Ayurveda the pregnant woman desirous of producing a healthy & good looking child should give up non congenial diet & made of life and protect herself by good conduct & using congenial diets.

    Consult a doctor before practicing any Ayurveda treatment.

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    I really like to read this information about pregnancy care. I have to do many pregnancy exercises that help me to stay fit. I have never tried ayurveda treatment during my pregnancy. Every pregnant woman wants a healthy pregnancy and this is really very informative.
    Pregnancy diet


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      We can definitely practice and follow ayurveda in pregnancyÖ

      Itís just requires proper knowledge and caution..

      There are 3 stages where Ayurveda can be implied during pregnancy


      It helps improving the fertility of the body and overall to produce healthy progeny, without inheriting any doshas.

      Generally it is done according to prakruti of the patient, underlying pathology or state of body.

      It is mainly done through:

      Life style changes
      Dietary changes
      Pre-conception counseling
      Panchakarma therapies-shodhan therapies
      Vaman-approx 8-14 days
      Virechan-approx 8-14 days
      Basti-approx 8 -16 days
      Nasya approx 14 to 21 days
      Rakta mokshan-session wise as required
      Various other Ayurveda therapies.

      Life style changes
      Dietary changes-month wise dietary changes
      Pregnancy counseling
      Local massages-head ,leg, pain areas etc
      Relaxation therapies-sheerodhara etc

      Oil massage done for both the legs.
      In pregnancy specifically there is leg pain due to overweight.
      Such massage helps relieve the pain and improve circulation thoughout the body.
      Some ladies also develop vericose veins.
      Leg massage also helps relieve the pain due to vericosity
      Duration 30 mins.
      Head massage done with specific ayurveda oils for 30 mins.
      Relaxes mind and body.
      Duration-30 mins

      Massage on both feet done with ayurvedic oils which provide nourishment and strengthen the feet.
      Duration-30 mins
      Back, neck and shoulder massage done with specific ayurveda oils to provide strength to the muscles which get strained during pregnancy.
      For working ladies with neck pain this is an ideal massage
      Duration 30 mins-1500
      FACIAL -

      To avoid dryness and increase circulation of the face
      Proper step wise facial is done with ayurveda herbal powders, honey, and oil.
      45 mins

      The main focus is to calm the dosha which aggravate during pregnancy and delivery.
      Also taking care of sleep deprivation and fatigue that comes from feeding and nourishing a newborn
      Laxity in muscles which is generated during the process of delivery.
      Life style changes
      Dietary changes-month wise dietary changes
      Yoga and meditation
      Relaxation therapies-sheerodhara etc

      Oil massage done for forty-two days after delivery.
      By calming vata and nourishing the mothers body and mind, you enable her enjoy her motherhood.
      45 mins duration

      Special decoction made for women to bath after massage.

      Will be advised according to the body changes post delivery
      Helps in coming back to normalcy
      Helps improve lactation
      Birla Ayurveda has over 15 therapy centers in India, which are a combination of wellness Ayurveda, day care treatment centers, stay facilities, Ayurveda medicines and Ayurveda doctor consultation.

      For more details:


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