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Weight loss on SR : Chat with an Ayurveda doctor

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  • Weight loss on SR : Chat with an Ayurveda doctor


    Day 403 of SR

    Over the last 1 year, I have lost a tremendous amount of weight. Actually my weight has dropped to pre-puberty level. This is a bit surprising considering there has been no significant change in my diet (except quitting social drinking). Moreover,for most part of the last year I have been at home due to covid lockdown in India.I believed increased baseline testostrone levels have lead to neutralization of my fat (which may also be true)

    However,recently I had gone to meet a Ayurveda doctor to get a prescription for my mother.I got a chance to chat with him about my SR practice. What he told me was very interesting. So thought of sharing with you guys!

    1.Seminal fluid (SF) is manufactured in 7 steps : Food -> Chyle -> Blood -> Flesh -> Fat -> Bone -> Marrow -> SF.These are called dhatus/tissues and take 35 days in total. When this SF so manufactured is not ejaculated for 5 days (total = 40 days) it gets converted into Ojas. This 40 day cycle is called 'Mandala'. Ojas is considered as the finest extract of food! This Ojas then pervades all over the body and is used to nourish and provide the body with strength and vigour.

    2.After a few cycles of these Mandalas spread over months, the body starts to return to a state of what he called 'typical homeostasis'.During this stage, excess of any tissue is withdrawn and gets converted to Ojas which is then used to nourish the tissue which is deficient.

    E.g if someone has excess fat (relative to his constitution) it will get converted to Ojas (via bone -> marrow -> SF).If his bones are weak (relative to his constitution) , then this Ojas will be used to nourish and make them strong.The body uses it's innate intelligence to handle this.

    Slowly,over time,all deficiencies in the body due to lifestyle are eliminated and body returns to it's natural physical shape and constitution based on individual's genetic and karmic factors.

    The better the lifesyle , the earlier this can happen.

    3.Subject to further continuance of SR for 84 Mandalas (= 84x40 days) , all the deficiencies in the body due to genetic and karmic factors are also eliminated/impact reduced to the point of little or no pain.Then the body is said to be in 'perfect homeostasis' where all the 7 tissues are in perfect alignment.

    At this stage the body operates at its full potential.

    Edit: My weight has dropped from ~76 kgs to 58.6 kgs.

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