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Natural Herbs for Weight Loss

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  • Natural Herbs for Weight Loss

    Natural herbs for weight loss should be used to supplement lifestyle or complement and dietary good health habits, and NOT to replace them. Some herbs and nutritional supplements can be used to positively affect the metabolism as well. A supplement is never a substitute, and most commercials are designed to appear far more effective than they really are. There is no getting around the fact that to stay trim and healthy, you must exercise effectively. Weight loss supplements, even herbal weight loss remedies, are just that – supplements.

    There are to many natural herbs are usefull for weight lossing we are going to tell you about some of them, they are really work o lose weight :

    REISHI MUSHROOMS - Sometimes harvested in the wild, where they grow on fallen logs, reishi mushrooms are used in Traditional Chinese Medicine to build strength and immunity and to fight fatigue. That may be why they work as weight loss supplements, says Hadady, adding that evidence of reishi's effectiveness in weight loss is only anecdotal.

    GREEN TEA EXTRACT - Green tea is a popular natural herb for improving the metabolic rate, and improving the levels of fat oxidation within the body. Green tea contains compounds called catechins, a class of antioxidants which have been associated with an increased metabolism and the ability to stimulate fat burning. If you use green tea as a ‘cure’ for excess fat, or in place of proper nutrition and exercise, do not expect to see any dramatic results.

    GUGGUL - Guggul is used for relieving joint pain, lowering cholesterol, and aiding weight loss. Guggul helps the body metabolize fat and improves thyroid function by increasing thyroid hormone levels," says John Douillard, Ph.D., director of the LifeSpa School of Ayurveda.

    FISH OIL - Fish oil omega-3 fatty acids help change the way the body uses fat: Instead of storing it, the body burns fat as fuel. Omega-3 is an essential fatty acid that is crucial to many functions in the body. This will offer substantial benefits to your fat reduction and weight loss efforts, as well as significant health benefits.

    GYMNEMA SYLVESTRE - Gymnema molecules are similar to glucose and fill the taste bud receptors on the tongue, making it seem like you've gotten a sugar fix. Derived from a plant that grows wild in India and Africa, gymnema has been shown to reduce the ability to taste sweetness.

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    One Spoon of honey with a glass of hot water is very beneficial for weight loss.
    Musli | Medical Benefits of Musli | Withania Somnifera | Medical Benefits of Withania Somnifera |


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      If you know correct weight loss information you can lose weight. I did the program here this site and I lost 10 pounds in one month. It is very fast to lose weight. You can get my weight loss program that lost me 16 pounds in 7 weeks.


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        1. Fenugreek
        2. Cayenne Pepper
        3. Ginger
        4. Oregano
        5. Ginseng
        6. Caralluma Fimbriata
        7. Turmeric
        8. Black Pepper
        9. Gymnema Sylvestre
        10. Cinnamon


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          Thanks for such an important information, please let me know if I can drink cummin water whole day at the time before going to bed to loose my belly fat and weight.

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