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Weight loss tips!!!

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  • Weight loss tips!!!

    Loosing weight is a perfect job and it is not easy and needs some special efforts to loose weight. Following are the weight loss tips
    1. Early morning drinking water
    2. Early morning walk
    3. Take exercise for at least 30 minutes (Running, Stretching)
    4. Eat balance diet and avoid eating heavy foods like junk food, fast food
    5. Use more fruits in diet
    6. Drink fresh juices....
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    The best weight loss tips i think exercise daily go to the gym and diet also very important role to the weight loss, specially eat fresh salad and vegetables, swimming also very important role to the weight loss, and running are the best to the weight loss.
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      Hi Malt,
      Great weight loss tips and like to add to lose weight have healthy breakfast, avoid skipping meals and instead of having 3 big meals, break meals in 5/6 small meals. Increase your water intake, drink green tea and quit beverages and flavored juices. Avoid eating late and exercises are must as they burn fat and boost metabolism.
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        Nice tips for weight loss. Exercise is the key of weight loss. If we will do exercise daily for at least 50 minutes in a day we can get a perfect body shape easily so exercise is important like running,jogging and walking. Yoga is also a good way of weight loss. Diet is also very important so we should eat less but low calories food i diet.
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          Always watch what you eat. If you want to lose weight its important that the calories you eat is lesser then the calories you burn. Weight training is as important as cardio.
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            Weight loss tips:
            1. Set a realistic weight-loss goal.
            2. Motivate yourself.
            3. Avoid hunger.
            4. Go Walking
            5. Dietary control and exercise.
            6. Change your lifestyle.
            7. Get plenty of sleep.


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              Losing weight requires self discipline! You have to motivate your self. Though there are times that you are tempted to eat those food but you have to focus and reach your goal.


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                All of you shared good tips for the weight loss.
                These tips will really helpful for the weight control purposes if properly followed.
                All of these weight loss tips are appreciable.
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                  Morning walk is best for loosing weight. Exercise at-least 30-40 minutes helps you to burn fat from your body.
                  Here is some tips for weight lose,
                  Eliminate fatty food from your daily meal
                  Avoid from rich fat food.


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                    For weight loss try these simple tips. I am sure that you people will like these tips.
                    Get up early and do morning walk daily
                    Eat less but healthy food only
                    Drink more water daily
                    Do running and jogging
                    Don't eat fast food too much
                    Avoid junk food
                    Drink green tea.
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                      If you want to shed body weight, its essential that the calories. You eat is smaller then the calories you get rid of. Body building is as essential as aerobic.
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                        Nice tips for a weight loss.

                        Walking is the best exercise as it burns fat and decreases your weight. Those who are overweight cannot perform exercises and for them, walking exercise is advised to maintain overall wellness and situation in every way.

                        Best Five Exercises for weight loss

                        1. Walking
                        2. Kettlebell
                        3. Swimming
                        4. Elliptical Trainer
                        5. Running.


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                          Easy And Healthy Considerations

                          1. Drinking a cup of hot water with 1 tsp of honey and 10 drops of apple cider vinegar is a wonderful way to start the day. Honey and apple cider vinegar have scraping effects and can help with reducing excess adipose tissue.

                          2. Eliminating alcohol, caffeine and smoking. There is abundant information on how many negative effects these substances induce in the body. They can alter the digestive fire and create cravings for unhealthy foods.

                          3. Reducing dairy and meats from the diet. These foods are heavy, gross and can lead to slow, sluggish digestion which will increase the same qualities in the body. Therefore one will have excess heaviness, lethargy and poor metabolism with overconsumption of these foods.

                          4.Consume the largest meal at lunch when digestion is strongest and keep dinner a simple and light meal.

                          5. Incorporate ginger pickles and teas in the diet. Ginger is an effective herb for stimulating digestion and removing toxins from the body. It will also help to increase metabolism.

                          6. Reducing the cold element in the diet and incorporating more hot meals will also bring changes to health.

                          Easy And Healthy Ways To Lose Weight!
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                            I udes weight loss product lipovon. For me is a very good product. I'm happy!


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                              Great tips given by all of you because weight is becoming a major issue.. You also loos your confidence if you are not properly fit.


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