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Skin Disease cure from its root by Ayurveda.

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  • Skin Disease cure from its root by Ayurveda.

    One lady from Porbandar(Gujarat) named Prof. Chandrakala J. Thakkar (Name is change) 42 years old had skin disease since 25 years. She is professor in R. G. T. Collage at Porbandar. At starting small pimples came out on the skin of the fingers of hands and legs. There was itching and watery discharge only. However, she has trouble at cooking, bathing, etc common works of home. It was subside after Neemwater bath and reduce salt in food.

    Nevertheless, the small pimples had taken its place big blisters at the finger of hands on 15 November 2008. They were no subsiding but increase in size from fingers to palms and wrist. Even, after Neembath and reduce salt. The small pimples become big blisters after itching. There was no change after taking the medicines that prescribed by Skin Specialist, but it was increasing. She cannot do any thing even personal works.

    Nevertheless, she decided to go to Ayurveda and took ayurvedic medicines. However, there was no change after a month! After all, she came to Baroda and consult to Vaidyaraj Amrutbhai Prajapati. He explained her that this is not a common disease but “Sfot” a part of skin disease according to Ayurveda. It will not in control only with medicines, you must have pure your body by Panchakarma a therapy of Ayurveda. It is a best way for purifications.

    Therefore, we start Panchakarma on 17 December 2008. We got complete result only in twenty days! In additions, she loss 3kg weight, headache and knee pain also! Now she is completely well and very happy.

    Jay Dhanvantary.

    Ayurvedyog Centre, Baroda.
    Contact: 9327711235.
    E-mail: [email protected]

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    According to my experience the nature is the best remedies for the treatment for the skin, it helps to avoid most of the skin disease. it helps to maintain the weight and also helps to give th glory skin and make your skin acne free and remove it from the root.


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      good. move to nature....With regards,
      Thank you,
      Vaidyaraj Amrutbhai Prajapati

      All treatments are avail here: Ayurvedyog Centre,
      A-1, Gopur apartment, Kasar falia, Opp. Govt. press, Kothi, Opp. SSG Madical collage, Vadodara. Gujarat. India. Pin: 390001.
      Contact: 9327711235, 7874853221.
      E-mail: [email protected] or [email protected]


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        It allows to prevent most of the condition. it allows to sustain the weight and also allows to provide th wonder epidermis and make your epidermis pimples free and eliminate it from the main....


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