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Importance of Vajikarana Therapy in Ayurveda

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  • Importance of Vajikarana Therapy in Ayurveda

    In Ayurveda the treatment that is adopted to increase libido is called "VAJIKARANA". As this therapy increases the strength of a man to perform sexual act, like a horse, it is called 'Vajikarana'. ( 'Vaaji'=Horse.)

    Vaajikaranamanvicchet purusho nityamatmawan|
    Thadaayattou hi dharmarthou preetishcha yasha yevacha ||
    Putrasyaayatanam hyetad gunashchaite sutashrayaha |

    This means "The person who takes virility therapy or Vajikarana therapy after rejuvenation therapy gets offspring. Through these offspring he gains the happiness."

    The main aim of Vajikarana therapy is to increase the sexual energy of men and help to solve male infertility. Through this therapy men can gain good erection, sperm count and sperm motility. Vajikarana therapy also helps to boost libido.

    Who should not consume Vajikarana Preparations?

    Ayurveda acharyas have framed few rules for consumption of Vajikarana preparations. These preparations have to be consumed by “jitendriya purusha” or man who has complete control on his senses and desires. If Vajikarana preparations are consumed by “ajitendriya purusha” or man who has lost control over his senses and desire, he may prove harmful to society.

    Sexual acts should not be performed by young boys (below 20 years) or aged men (above 70 years). In younger boys formation of dhatus (tissues) will not be complete. If sexual act is performed at this stage they will land into a condition called dhatukshaya in which the nourishment of tissues reduces and they feel weak and fragile. During formative years whole body energy should be channelized for development of body tissues. Especially in boys, the male reproductive system has to develop completely to produce good quality and quantity of semen. If body energy and nourishment is used up in sexual act during initial stages of development, then the development of male reproductive system may become sluggish. This might lead to low sperm count, low motility and infertility (the inability to produce offspring).

    In aged persons there will be dahtu kshaya (deterioration of tissues) due to old age. If men above 70 years indulge in sexual act it may further deteriorate dhatus and can hasten ageing. According to ayurveda acharyas “if an aged man performs sexual act his body will be deprived of energy and vitality. He will be lifeless like a dry stick which is infested by insects.” Hence Vajikarana preparations should not be consumed by aged men as these preparations may kindle their sexual desire or libido.

    Who has to consume Vajikarana Preparations?

    Men above 20 years of age and below 70 years have to consume Vajikarana preparations. Their intensions should be good and their aim must be to produce healthy offspring.

    Benefits of Vajikarana Therapy:

    Vajikarana therapy increases hard erections and helps in erectile dysfunction.
    It increases duration of hard erection and prevent premature ejaculation.
    The therapy rejuvenates male reproductive system and helps to increase sperm count and sperm motility.
    It increases body energy level and retards ageing process.
    Men who undergo this therapy look attractive and never get tiered.
    The herbs in Vajikarana therapy nourish male reproductive system.
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