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re-balancing all Doshas?

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  • re-balancing all Doshas?

    Hello all!

    I am new to the forum, so please forgive me if I say something incorrectly. I have been taking the dosha tests to see where I am imbalanced. apparently I am imbalanced in ALL doshas. Is it possible to work on all doshas at once? ( with diet ) .

    I am a Vata ( very much so ) and from 0 to 10 ( 0 being a balanced dosha ) I am told that I am imbalanced in all

    Vata 9
    Pitta 8
    Kapha 5

    * I am 23 y/o petit 95lbs 5'3" . Irregular diet and have multiple health issues currently ; narcolepsy ( no medication ( firm diagnosis ), fatigue , endometriosis ( getting severe ) , terrible digestion ( past year ) vitamin d difficient. Insufficient iron . Insufficient vitamin c . yes I am going to doctors for these issues but I am trying to work with Ayurvedic medicine.

    any input would be great!

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    I would really recommend seeing an Ayurvedic doctor. It's tricky balancing all three doshas at once, you have to take into account your doshic nature and current constitution, the climate where you live, and your lifestyle. An Ayurvedic practitioner will know how to go about it. A good doctor will have studied Ayurveda for a decade, hopefully practiced for at least as long, and will use his intuition to guide you as well.

    Sleep disorders are typically a vata imbalance problem. Menstrual disorders are also a vatta issue, though they can also have a pitta element. Digestion can be a vata, kapha and/or pitta issue. Iron, vitamin C and D deficiencies are easy enough to fix with supplements (for iron I recommend taking a supplement that is food-based, not synthetic, as the synthetic ones will cause constipation).
    But I am not a doctor, and it would be great for you to have one over the long-term so that he could safely and effectively guide you back to optimal health.
    It's great that you are working with Ayurveda, I think you could have great results and not have to take allopathic medication.
    Please keep us updated!


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      Dear Bculpep, you are reading the numbers incorrectly. You are a vata-pitta. If you had all 9's or all 5's or all any numbers, you would be perfectly balanced. You are primarily a vata, but with also a strong pitta. You might try other dosha tests.

      I was insanely pitta. If I were to have some curry, someone in my household was going to get screamed at. Urine therapy balanced me up very nicely and now I eat all kinds of hot foods (not all the time, of course) without any problems. I still plan my meals according to my being a pitta. I still dominate conversations; I just don't become enraged at people if they don't agree with me. (:->)

      I have also found that turmeric is a near panacea. I take pills, powder, and even juice.


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