Hello all!

I am new to the forum, so please forgive me if I say something incorrectly. I have been taking the dosha tests to see where I am imbalanced. apparently I am imbalanced in ALL doshas. Is it possible to work on all doshas at once? ( with diet ) .

I am a Vata ( very much so ) and from 0 to 10 ( 0 being a balanced dosha ) I am told that I am imbalanced in all

Vata 9
Pitta 8
Kapha 5

* I am 23 y/o petit 95lbs 5'3" . Irregular diet and have multiple health issues currently ; narcolepsy ( no medication ( firm diagnosis ), fatigue , endometriosis ( getting severe ) , terrible digestion ( past year ) vitamin d difficient. Insufficient iron . Insufficient vitamin c . yes I am going to doctors for these issues but I am trying to work with Ayurvedic medicine.

any input would be great!