Lower back pain has been a common problem which is seen among the people of every age group these days. There may be many reasons which add to lower back pain. It is a common problem and does not need anything to be worried about. But pain is the pain, be it lower back pain. Pain always brings discomfort to the person. If a person wants relief from the pain at his lower back, he can opt for Ayurveda.
Certain Ayurvedic medicine for back pain and remedies are available for healing lower back pain. Here we will talk about certain Ayurvedic remedies that can cure lower back pain, which is listed below.
1. Stay warm
Warmth provides relief from lower back pain. If you are cold or feeling cold the back pain will persist, but on the other hand, if you are warm, the warmth will help the blood circulation of the body to flow and hence giving you relief from back pain.
2. The intake of pungent spices must be minimized
The person must stop or reduce the intake of pungent spices in his daily diet in order to get rid of lower back pain. Pungent spices include green chilli, red chilli, etc. These must be avoided because they have the drying effect in the body. This drying effect will lead to either constipation or lower back pain.
3. Eat worm food
Consumption of cold food will lead to lower back pain as it creates constriction and congestion in the body. Warm food will avoid these things to happen in the body and so the intake of warm food must be enhanced in order to avoid lower back pain. Warm food will also help a person to get rid of constipation.
4. Practice padahastasana
This posture means standing forward in a fold pose. This pose will help to reduce the lower back pain in the body. When a person faces a problem of lower back pain it is not always due to muscular reasons but the main reason that adds to lower back pain is constipation. This pose will help the person to get rid of constipation and after the person starts passing stools regularly he will notice that his lower back pain is eliminating.
5. Massaging the body with oil
The body can be compared to a leather bag, if the leather bag gets dried, it would need proper nourishment. Similar is the case with our body, our body also gets dried up and this dryness causes back pain sometimes. If we massage our body by proper oils the dryness will be eliminated and hence reducing the lower back pain.
6. Drinking or consumption of ajwain seeds
Ajwain seeds which are also known as bishop’s weed seeds must be consumed in order to get rid of back pain. These ajwain seeds are beneficial for both pains as well as constipation. These are also useful as they provide a heating effect on the body.
7. Practicing breathing exercises
Breathing exercises like anuloma viloma must be practiced in order to get rid of lower back pain.
If the person follows all the above steps he may reduce his lower back pain.