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Ayurvedic Herb for Heart Disease ?

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  • Ayurvedic Herb for Heart Disease ?

    Does anyone know what are the most common ayurvedic herbs used for heart disease ?

    Thank you in advance!

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    Well i have no any idea about it but i think a health specialist or a Ayurvedic doctor can give you a better idea of this but there is no any doubt that ayurvedic herbs are good for heart diseases.
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      For heart blockage we need to take ayurvedic therapy of center blockage because ayurvedic medication has no any adverse reactions happens.
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        There is various way to protected from heart blockage but ayurvedic treatment of middle blockage is best among them and bansal yoga workouts exercises is one of the best organization of these drugs.
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          Perhaps no other organ is more vital than the heart at sustaining our existence as well as being the intimate connection between our emotional life and overall health. Shockingly, every 20 seconds. someone in the U.S. has a heart attack.

          “To protect the heart and great vessels, above all take measures that are healthy for the heart and promote ojas, that cleanse the gaps and channels, and help create serenity of mind.” – Charaka Samhita

          "Heart Saving Pill"

          · Meditation
          · Moderate yoga suited to one’s constitution
          · Pranayama (breathing exercises)
          · Consuming fresh wholesome and balanced meals appropriate to ones state of balance
          · Following a daily morning practice incorporating walking in nature, nasal drops and oil massages
          · Certain herbs such as Ashwagandha and Shatavari can help in promoting Ojas
          · A restful and appropriate sleep is vital to building Ojas



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            There are number of ayurvedic herbs known for curing number of heart diseases.
            Musli | Medical Benefits of Musli | Withania Somnifera | Medical Benefits of Withania Somnifera |


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              heart diseases

              Pathya-Apathya for Hridayroga (Dos & Donuts)
              Shalidhanya-Red variety of rice
              Mudga-Green gram
              JangalaMamsa-Meat soup of animals living in a desert area.
              Marichchoorna with patrol-Black pepper powder mixed with pointed gourd Karvellaka, Patola, dudhi Amlarasatmakadravya like chancery, Badar (Ber ),matulunga(lemon)
              Daily use of spices like black pepper, cinnamon(karma), asafoetida(Hing) in vegetables
              Low salt intake
              Regular walking
              Yoga and Pranayam
              Develops your hobbies like reading, singing

              Apathyakarahar-vihar (Don’ts)
              for more information visit us at

              Tail-oil preparations-oily foods
              Guru anna-heavy foods
              Kasayarasatmakaahar-Astringent foods
              Ashram-Excess work
              Aatap-Excess sun heat
              Atichinta-Excess thinking, stress, anxiety anger
              Atimaithun-Excess libido
              Anidra-Sleep disturbance
              Atibhashya-Excessive talking


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                I want to tell you ayurveda has certain remedies for heart diseases.Reduction of stress,excercise,Cleansing Of Toxins this is the way we can get rid of heart disease.To know more


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                  Apricot is good for health. Eating daily one apricot is good for heart and it decreases the heart diseases by 50%.This is aso best ayurvedic herb for heart disease


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                    chia seeds

                    Originally posted by healthy View Post
                    Does anyone know what are the most common ayurvedic herbs used for heart disease ?

                    Thank you in advance!
                    you can use chia seeds


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                      Here are some Ayurvedic herbs which are for curing the heart diseases:
                      • Allium Sativum
                      • Centella asiatica
                      • Commiphora mukul
                      • Convolvulus pluricaulis
                      • Embica officinalis
                      • Terminalia arjuna
                      • Tinospora cordifolia


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                        Arjunarishta arishta, prabhakar vati hridayarnava ras and trinetra ras can be the best available cure for heart disease.


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                          How to cure heart from diseases?

                          The heart is the most important part of our body.
                          You can take it safe bt eating good and healthy food.
                          yoga is also important for heart diseases.
                          yoga gives mental strength and fit body.


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