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Ayurveda Herbs for Hairfall

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  • Ayurveda Herbs for Hairfall

    • Ayurveda herb called ‘Bhringraj’ is generally prescribed both for the ailments of hair-fall as well as premature graying of the hair. This herb is advised to be taken orally in the form of a powder and also to be applied externally onto the scalp in the form of medicated oil.
    • The powder of the herb ‘Aamla’ or the Indian Gooseberry is also quite beneficial in treating the malady. Approximately one teaspoon is to be taken twice a day on an empty stomach.
    • Triphala is another Ayurveda herb formulation that aids in combating hair-fall. Use it externally as hair wash and also take it internally as cleansing medicine.
    • Gentle massage of the scalp with medicated herb oil or sesame seeds oil, mustard oil or coconut oil is a must preferably half to one hour prior to head wash is recommended at least twice a week.
    • In case dandruff reasons hair-fall, an herbal home remedy is to mix a piece of Camphor in hair oil and massage it into the scalp on alternate days or twice a week.
    • Some Ayurvedic formulations like Navayas lauh, Swarn Makshik, Trifla etc have proved valuable for curing the malady of hair fall.
    • ‘Bhram Rasayan’ is another Ayurveda Formulation that generates a calming and soothing effect of the brain nerves and as well tends to uproot the basic cause of the ailment of hair-fall.

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    Amazing ideas shared....
    I would love to add this post to my page so that all can get ideas about Ayurveda herbs.Reading this we knew how herbs are useful for our hair.Hair plays an vital role in my life.Now a days all are facing hair problems like hair loss,hair thinning etc.So I always prefer to use natural or home made remedies. Have a peek at this website and share your views.
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      Thanks for sharing the tips.


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