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Ayurvedic Medicine or Remedies For White Hair?

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  • Ayurvedic Medicine or Remedies For White Hair?

    Hello all,

    Yes I'm getting old and have more and more white hairs, I was wondering if any of you
    have good remedies to slow down white hair growth.

    thanks so much in advance!

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    I don't know how old you are, but oftentimes stress and overthinking causes hair to whiten prematurely.
    And they say that practicing headstand will help hair stay healthy and full. If you can't balance with your legs all the way upright (again, I don't know how old you are!), then just being on all fours with your head on the floor will give you the same benefits without requiring much balance. You can lighten or increase the amount of weight in your arms versus your head depending on how much pressure you can put on your head.
    Note that if you're not used to doing headstand, it might hurt at first to put pressure on your head, but that goes away with time.
    A few minutes upside-down every day is excellent for your health!
    (I'm a big proponent of headstands, in case you couldn't tell).


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      Take a tablespoon of Amla and almond oil. Mix few drops of lime juice to it and apply on your scalp.
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        Ayurvedic medicines


        I also suffer from the problem. You can try ayurvedic products like Prakruti keshyam vati. It helps fight hair-greying and hair-fall too.

        All the best. Tc


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          Neem Oil is very beneficial for curing White hairs.
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