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Hair fall Reasons

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  • Hair fall Reasons

    Hi every one...

    What are the main reasons for hair fall???

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    Stress Disorders - Telogen Effluvium is the expression used for a reducing of new hair growth due to unexpected or serious stress. In the event youhave problems with stress its likely that your hair will start falling out.


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      it may be hormonal problem, most of the women are facing this problem after the pregnancy because of hormone changes.


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        Hormonal changes and imbalances can also cause temporary hair loss.


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          Dandruff is one of the most known reason for hair loss. You have to well take your hair against dandruff otherwise you will loss your valuable hair. Wash them regular basis and do the oil.


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            With the fast paced and stressful lifestyle, hair fall has become a common problem. We dig into the causes and give you tips to stop hair fall.
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              Suffering from Dandruff?

              Dandruff is a skin disorders affects the scalp skin. It is characterized by itching scalp with falling of dry white flakes. It is clinically termed as Seborrheic dermatitis, where the sebaceous glands are affected and leads to excessive itchy scalp with high amounts of scales. Dandruff is one of the primary causes for hair fall and early baldness or patchy baldness.

              Common causes
              a. Hygiene
              b. Stress and depression
              c. Water and hard shampoo
              d. Cold condition and higher hot conditions
              e. Excessive intake of salty, spicy, sour, non vegetarian foods and drinks
              Understand your Dandruff


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                Hormonal changes
                Less no of proteins.
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                  it may be hormonal issue, most of the females are experiencing this issue after the maternity because of hormonal changes.


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                    Stress, Dandruff and Pollution
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