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  • Acidity

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    Indigestion increases the pitta dosha and leads to acidity. Whenever you feel the acidity, drink three glasses hot water. Do not mind, if vomit. The stomach acid will dilute and you feel better. Do not take next meal. After then, take meal as usual. Please do not take heavy food like flesh or meat, sweets made from milk, curd, pickles, sour items, etc. Between two meals, remain distance minimum 5 hours. Do not take anything except water between two meals. Do not take water before and after half an hour of the meal. You should take water with the meal. This process leads to cure the acidity.

    You may take avipattikar churna, shankhavati, acicare, trifla.

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    I have another remedy to recommend: take a spoonful of baking soda (sodium bicarbonate-- not to be confused with baking powder! baking soda is a white, salty powder) in a glass of water, and drink it. The baking soda is alkalinizing, it neutralizes the acidity. It works almost immediately. I tried this just a few days ago and was really impressed by how quickly and effectively it works.
    Baking soda (especially if it's just a spoonful once in a while) is totally safe for the body unless you have issues with sodium-- like kidney disease for example. It does contain a fair amount of sodium, so be responsible, and ask your doctor if you're unsure.


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      Ayurvedic medicines like Enterosone Syrup help cure prolonged, hyper-acidity problems. For more details please visit website for prakrutiayur.


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        I would suggest that tulsi leaves are also very effective to get relief from acidity. You can prefer it with any of the liquid stuff that you mostly prefer on your regular basis.
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          i think precaution from acidic food is best to avoid acidity . on more home remedy is to drink chilled or iced milk , that will make you fell better . and the best herbal antacid is there. it contains Ficus glomerata and Emblica officinals that will neutrilize acidity in few seconds.


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            Ayurvedic species like Tulsi are very useful for curing acidity.
            Musli | Medical Benefits of Musli | Withania Somnifera | Medical Benefits of Withania Somnifera |


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              Just follow proper diet plan exercise and good routine with proper sleep..add more fibre to diet

              CBD Oil Tinctures
              CBD Oil Tinctures


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