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The Ayurvedic Oral Health Practices You Need To Adopt Before Its Too Late

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  • The Ayurvedic Oral Health Practices You Need To Adopt Before Its Too Late

    What is oral health? How we can maintain oral hygiene through Ayurveda?

    The Ayurvedic Oral Health Practices You Need To Adopt Before Its Too Late
    Sitting right next to someone who has a bad breath can literally ruin your day. Have you ever experienced this situation in your life? You sure must have and this further emphasizes the importance of maintaining good oral hygiene. People take oral health for granted without realizing that our mouth is the best indicator of the actual health of our entire body. Moreover, recent studies have revealed that people feel shameful and fearful when it comes to dentistry. A visit to the dentist for dental treatments is one thing which no one looks forward to. But we should all know that the nutritional deficiencies, systemic diseases which affect our body can easily be known through the mouth lesions and ulcers which occur beforehand and tell us that our body is not in a healthy state now and we should become alert before we actually fall ill.

    What is Oral Health in general terms?

    Oral health in simple terms means keeping your mouth healthy and free from germs and diseases by regularly brushing and cleaning your teeth properly. There are some crucial points about oral hygiene which when followed are beneficial in preventing dental problems.

    Why does Ayurveda emphasize on Oral Health?
    Ayurveda, our Vedic science lays immense emphasizes on oral health. It says that if you keep a check on your oral hygiene then it not only improves your sense of taste of various food items but it even helps in detoxification of your body as well.

    The three doshas Vata, Pitta, and Kapha have five subtypes which are responsible for the different physiological functions in our body. Bodhaka Kapha is one of the subtypes which is closely associated with our mouth and oral health.

    Primary Functions of Bodhaka Kapha
    The primary functions of Bodhaka Kapha are:

    Keeps a check on oral bacteria.
    The enzymes present in the mouth are helpful in the digestion process.
    Indicators of the taste of anything that we consume.
    Maintain the ideal temperature.

    Health Benefits of Good Oral Hygiene

    Unquestionably after knowing about even the minute details of oral hygiene, there are advantages of good oral health which you need to be aware of.

    Improved Sense of Taste
    Ayurveda has always stressed that the sense of taste is crucial for human beings. The six amazing tastes have a very powerful place in a balanced diet. The food that we eat from our mouth communicates directly with our digestive tract further preparing our intestines and stomach for the food that they are about to receive. Undoubtedly this is nothing but the state of optimal digestion and Ayurveda considers this to be the omen to good health.

    Increased Digestive Strength
    We all know that the process of digestion begins from our mouth itself. It is the primary function of the mouth to break the food that we consume into small portions. This further makes it easier for our stomach to digest the food easily and keep our digestive tract healthy. If we donít maintain proper oral health, it would lead to painful gums and cavities. Chewing our food properly will become difficult and this would eventually affect the overall health of our body.

    Tissue and Organ health becomes better
    It is the Agni which transforms all our food into useful substances and distributes it to our tissues and organs present all over our body. Since it is through our mouth that we eat all our food, oral hygiene needs to be maintained. If our mouth is not clean this would directly affect the Agni and health of our body.

    Ayurvedic Oral Health Practices
    Now that we all have understood that apart from the regular brushing and flossing for good oral health there are a couple of Ayurvedic strategies which if followed will make our task of keeping oral hygiene much easier.

    Cleaning the tongue properly with a tongue scraper.
    Oil Pulling is a technique of swishing oil inside our mouth and between the teeth.
    Drink warm water first thing in the morning after cleaning your mouth.
    Brush your teeth before going to bed.
    Let us be realistic if all the Ayurvedic practices are new to you and it seems quite hard to incorporate them in your daily life it is best to take one step at a time. Introduce one practice at a time each day. Slowly and gradually these practices will become essential for you and you will not miss them. The end result would be a healthy body and a strong digestive system.
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