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This cured colds in 12 plus people in one to two hours

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  • This cured colds in 12 plus people in one to two hours

    Hi,please note that this works by stimulating the immune system enormously and thus will work on any kind of infection viral or bacterial . Except maybe infections like Aids which hides from the immune system. All one has to do is to hold the hand in the same position that the fetus most commonly does in the womb, hold it still , nothing in your hand. Note the similarity to tai chi, qi gong and falun gong and perhaps some yoga positions approximate it close enough to do some good, but they all make the mistake of not holding the hand reasonably still, they keep moving it around.
    Ive tested it on many cases of flu too in myself, they are cured within an hour, and many kinds of bacterial infection too with dramatic results, but I will stick to colds here. Using this or several other similarly acting methods, about 12 people have cured colds, no matter how bad, in less than 2 hours. The last two that tried it were neighbors who were so skeptical, one whom absolutely refused at first. Each had been to the doctor for their colds they were so bad. Both said with some amazement that their colds were completely gone in one hour.

    I have two advantages over my fellow man in learning how best to cure a cold. I get more of them, always beginning as a sore throat, than anyone alive or dead. ha ha, Literally. And two, I have a factor in my blood, partially characterized at two major biotech firms, Genentech and Chiron, and at the VA Hospital, also studied in Judah Folkmans lab at Harvard and other Universities, and one feature of this unique factor which hasnt been seen in a person before so they tell me, is that I can tell when my immunity is being stimulated by anything because it causes my muscles to contract when my immunity is being stimulated by anything, , contracting to the same degree as the degree of immune stimulation. SO for 25 years I have known at every moment of my waking life if something was stimulating my immunity and by how much, what blocks it from being stimulated, and by how much, and what doesnt do so and what does so at first and then conks out. In probably all other people , one cannot tell in each moment if his immunity is being stimulated or by how much

    So using this as a way of knowing, I know that my immunity is enormously stimulated , never conking out no matter how long i do so, by holding my hand in the same position the fetus does most often in the womb. That is , placing the hand up next to or just to the right of , but not touching, the chin, like one would hold it when holding a microphone Or near the clavicle is ok too. One hand is ok, dont need both.and the elbow can be rested on anything if that is more comfortable. Nothing held in the hand, and try to hold it areasonably still, Hold the hand any way you like, .

    When this evolved over millions of years in the fetus, manmade unnatural things didnt exist, like electronics etc, and I have found that being too close to some kinds of electronics due to their radiation will block the immune stimulating and other beneficial effect completely. PLease see below if you want to do this in your home or apartment. , but you can just go outside, its summer now, sit in your car or a park or something like that. and hold that position. Make sure the car isnt on because some have electronic computer chips that when on will block, as will some car radios. The radiation from electricity wires along the street if they are super close will also block your immune system from being stimulated so find a place where none are within thirty feet at least. Farther would be better. The one to the house is ok though, it doesnt carry much electricity. Take your watch and rings too off if you can, they reduce the level of stimulation.. Put your cell phoes at least a yard away from you. Dont be wearing those music earphones etc. IF you smoke its probably not going to work , the immune system wont be stimulated nearly as much I found. ALso immune suppressing drugs reduce the effect like the oxycodone type opiate pain killers, as do poppy seeds, and the anti anxiety meds and muscle relaxants. Being cold suppresses the immunity so make sure that you are arent cold at all. Note that we evolved near the equator. Try to avoid wearing anything nylon too,the farthest from natural fabric we have. Acryllic is bad too.

    Dont give up if it doesnt get any better in a half hour because you may not get better if the virus is still replicating, but once it stops doing so, very quickly all symptoms disappear,and that usually takes an hour , the sore throat usually less, and also sometimes it takes longer than an hour for the nasal symptoms to disappear because I read that the immune system is still attacking even a dead virus, causing those nasal fluid symptoms. .

    THis works because a trigger for a gene for healing and better functioning of all aspects of the body evolved in the fetus by his assuming that or similar positions with the hands/arms over millions of years, to help him thrive. SO we get the same assistance when we hold our hand similarly Note when you lay an infant on his back, he will instinctively put his hands up by his shoulders,

    IF you live in a house and can turn off all the the following electronics within twenty feet of you , the flat screened tv and the computer equipment being the ones that block at the greatest distance , up to about 17 feet for the flat screen and also movern radio and have cell and mobil phones away from you and dont sit too close to your regular tv set, like five feet would be ok for all parts of our body not closer, , and you have no adjoining neighbor who may have his flat screened tv on within twenty feet of you, you can do it at home, and can even lie in bed and do it, Curl your fingers so your whole palm doesnt rest on your chest only the heal and the back of the fingers do, and rest your loose fist on your upper chest. One hand is fine. please note too the other things like smoking etc that I mentioned above for doing this outside that make this not work well and they apply to this too.

    .PLease note that this method stimulates beneficially all aspects of the body, and I know from testing that that includes the circulation . THis means that if one is taking a drug in such an amount as to be very close to a toxic dose, this method may push it over to toxic, by the increased circulation causing more of a drug effect, I Guess more drug is available at the sites the drug acts on. I would estimate maybe it increases the drug effect by ten of fifteen percent. Tylenol is toxic to the liver in a high dose so that is one drug I wouldnt want to take when I do this. , or at least take in a full dose.

    S you might want to try that if youre not too skeptical, which Im sure you will be because it seems too simple and too good to be true. But I am reporting this accurately and without exaggeration. . We just never knew it because as I said no one knew at any given moment if or by how much their immune system was being stimulated. You may want to check with your Doctor before trying this as I am not a physician. which sounds silly because all you would be doing is holding your hand up, but I promise you it is very powerful and does increase drug effect via increasing circulation.

    Steve Lord

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    So did any of you 253 people who read this thread try the method I described?

    Thanks Steve Lord


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      This method is profoundly effective on so many things, and I have good reason why I believe this will work for every person. So I must have posted this message to at least 25 forums, for depression to infections to autoimmune problems to injuries, etc, yet no one reports having tried it except for one woman who tried it for an hour for her cold instead of up to , even after I ask if anyone tried it. This gets frustrating for me because I know how effective it is. And especially on this site since India is the alternantive medicine capitol of the world. To summarize you merely duplicate the most common positions as the fetus does , one hand is fine, hold it reasonably still , nothing in your hand. . IF lying down you can place your hand on your upper chest with fingers curled into a loose fist to prevent your whole flat palm from resting on your chest, rather just the backs of your fingers and the heal of your hand. It wont work well if you smoke or take immunosuppressive drugs, it wont work at all if electronic devices are on in the room except lights and a non flat screen tv is ok if you are five feet from it with all parts of your body. take your rings and watch off. Better not to wear nylon. lSo can someone here help me to understand why no one will try this, it being free and easy and can be started immediately?

      Thanks, Steve Lord


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        Hello, I have now posted this same cold, flu and all other infection cure on many many websties. It also works for autoimmune disease, depressession like no other method in history and in fact most diseases and injuries it has been tried on , This is the amazing thing about it though. Even though its free, totally simple, and can be started immediately , lets take colds and other infections for example, 687 views here, 1,300 plus on another naturl medicine website and another rather phenomenal 8000 views on an alternative medicine website, amoung many other views on many other websites, and not a single person , has ever tried it. People sometimes say they will try it but when I ask if they did, then say no and when I ask if anyone did, silence. Over 10000 views on just 3 websites with not a single person trying it, is that humanly possible? For something that is so powerful it cures colds in an average time of two hours, one hour in some people, but the only people who try it are those who I meet in person and even they dont believe it worked after they just told me it worked, they look around for some alternative explanation of why it vanished than this method, because they are sure something this simple cant possibly be the reason. ANd so this idea languishes when it could virtually, witih that kind of power, wipe out all infections disease in the world by its ability to stimulate our immune system. There has to be some kind of reason for this that makes sense. And now I am getting big time headaches and stomach aches from even posting about it any more, and I am suspecting these are messages from my inner consciousness not to do so, as if there is something in mass consciousness that is telling us all that this method is not to be in the mass public eye, maybe because it is so effective against disease and injury thath it would wipe out a communication avenue that our inner consciousness has available to it to send us messages or to create disease and injury for the experience. What do you sense when you read about this cure, do you sense there is a voice in your mind telling you not to use it, that it doesnt work or whatever? Thanks Steve Lord


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