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Is there any permanent solution for Arthitis?

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  • Is there any permanent solution for Arthitis?

    Can the learned members suggest any cure for killing the pain at least like
    massaging some kind of oil instead of using pain killers from allopathy?

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    Well, no permanent cure. It all about food and age factors.


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      Artheritis is a disease that can be managed but not cured. But it can be managed so well that you won't know that it exists.

      Dr Kanika Verma
      Ayurveda Consultant


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        Regular yoga and ayurveda is very useful for curing Arthritis, but it cannot be cured completely.
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          Arthritis Cure

          Arthritis cannot be cured and the effects cannot be reversed, but symptoms and pain can be effectively managed with medications, lifestyle modifications, physical therapy and other therapies, and surgery. Following are available Treatments for Arthritis:

          Medications: Over-the-counter medications: Multiple pain relieving medications are available over-the-counter such as acetaminophen, aspirin, ibuprofen, and naproxen. These have been effective in management of pain but they all come with several side effects.Topical medications: Medications are also available in the form of rubs, sprays, and creams that can be applied in the area of pain for relief of pain and inflammation.

          Therapy: Ayurveda recommends a holistic approach in treating this degenerative condition that includes changes in the diet and lifestyle, administering internal medicines that are completely natural and herbal and also using therapies for addressing degenerative joint conditions. There are many medicines in Ayurveda that help to strengthen the joints and reduce the degeneration. A professional Ayurvedic physician can customize and formulate an effective treatment plan that works for each individual. Therapies like Tailadhara (pouring of medicated oils), Nhavarakkizhi (massage with bolus of rice boiled in medicated milk) and Ksheeravasthi are among the most effective therapies for preventing degeneration and to strengthening the joints. It is very important to note that if there is associated inflammation, the anti-degenerative therapy is advised only after the inflammation is brought under control.Physical therapy: A personalized exercise program to strengthen the muscles surrounding the affected joints and also increase range of motion and reduction of pain can be created with the help of a physical therapist or regular gentle exercises such as swimming, walking, jogging that can be done on our own have been effective in management of arthritis. Occupational therapy: Occupational therapists can help in discovering ways to perform day-to-day activities as well as do the job without straining the already painful joints such as suggest the use of a stool when in shower to relieve from pain caused by standing when affected by osteoarthritis of the knees. Yoga: Yoga has been proven to be very effective in reducing osteoarthritis pain and stiffness. Also yoga involves breathing techniques as well which helps in reducing stress in life.However it is very important to get the help of an instructor before doing yoga to prevent injury and further pain.

          Surgery and other procedures: In case conservative therapies fail,Cortisone injections: Injections of cortisone can relieve pain but it must be limited to three to four as it can worsen the damage to the joint over time. Hyaluronic injections: This injection provides lubrication between the joints, which helps in relief of pain.Bone realignment: When one side is more damaged than the other side, osteotomy procedure might be performed to remove or add a wedge of bone, which helps in shifting of body weight away from the worn out part. Joint replacement: Plastic or metal parts are used in place of the damaged joints in severe cases of osteoarthritis.


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            Yes of course try this Immediate Joint pain relief oil and you can also use for all purposes by massage method of applying.
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              Get Permanent Solution for Arthritis!

              Of Course!! But I know how far it affects a person, that too Nowadays most of the people are affected with this problem.. I can get the best solution in the organic way for joint pains & knee pain etc.., at one point of solution!

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