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Treating arthritis the right way

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  • Treating arthritis the right way

    Meditation and following some of the relaxation techniques helps arthritis therapy and it does not matter whether you choose modern medicine to treat the disease or Ayurveda but it is essential that you identify the condition. Arthritis involves pain and one must adopt methods that ease the mind and relieves it from tension and disturbing thoughts and mental relaxation will have a positive effect thereby relieving the pain and inflammation. There are many forms of arthritis and mostly people try to cope with the condition with pain killers rather than seeking medical help. But, this is a condition that can be controlled and proper diet, life-style changes and medication are required to prevent the disease and one must try to arrest the infection at an early stage itself or else trying at a later stage may be difficult and at times futile. Medication that just focuses on the pain can be used when there is difficulty in mobility but effective treatment lies in identifying the root cause of the form of arthritis that the patient has been affected with. Therefore customized long term treatment is required for arthritis and following a strict diet regimen is required. Eating the right foods at the right time is required and medicated oil massages to ensure proper blood circulation is necessary. Routine exercising is also a must but over exertion must be avoided. Arthritis is a medical condition that can affect any person of any age and early signs of the disease must be identified and treated.

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    Treatment options for arthritis in ayurveda

    According to Ayurveda mostly pains are caused by the aggravation of vata (air) dosha. Arthritis is a condition which is caused by accumulation of ama and aggravation of vata. (Ama is a toxic by-product of improper digestion.) This ama circulates in the whole body and deposits or gets collected at the sites which are weaker. When it deposits in the joints and at the same time there is aggravation of vata, it results in a disease called amavata. This amavata is arthritis.

    As described above ama and vata are the main causes, so efforts should be made to digest ama and to reduce the vata. The digestion should be improved so that no further ama is produced. Efforts should be made to relieve the pain and inflammation. This is the line of treatment according to Ayurveda.


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      One of the common Ayurvedic therapies used for treating arthritis is Pizhichil, a luxuriating Keralian massage therapy. This is generally given by 2-4 therapists. They pour warm oil by hand, rhythmically all over the body. This process is called Sarvangadhara. The warm oil helps release the accumulation of ama.
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        Ayurveda and Yoga is the right way of curing Arthritis as it has no side effects whereas medicines show some side effects.
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          yes these both ayurvedic medicines and yoga can prevent lot of severe diseases at the root and the vital thing about this is ,you have to go for ayurvedic orthocure therapy kit .This consists of all sorts of medications.
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            Ayurveda: Ayurveda recommends a holistic approach in treating this degenerative condition that includes changes in the diet and lifestyle, administering internal medicines that are completely natural and herbal and also using therapies for addressing degenerative joint conditions. There are many medicines in Ayurveda that help to strengthen the joints and reduce the degeneration. A professional Ayurvedic physician can customize and formulate an effective treatment plan that works for each individual. Therapies like Tailadhara (pouring of medicated oils), Nhavarakkizhi (massage with bolus of rice boiled in medicated milk) and Ksheeravasthi are among the most effective therapies for preventing degeneration and to strengthening the joints. It is very important to note that if there is associated inflammation, the anti-degenerative therapy is advised only after the inflammation is brought under control.

            Physical therapy: A personalized exercise program to strengthen the muscles surrounding the affected joints and also increase range of motion and reduction of pain can be created with the help of a physical therapist or regular gentle exercises such as swimming, walking, jogging that can be done on our own have been effective in management of osteoarthritis.

            Occupational therapy:
            Occupational therapistscan help in discovering ways to perform day-to-day activities as well as do the job without straining the already painful joints such as suggest the use of a stool when in shower to relieve from pain caused by standing when affected by osteoarthritis of the knees.

            Yoga: Yoga has been proven to be very effective in reducing osteoarthritis pain and stiffness. Also yoga involves breathing techniques as well which helps in reducing stress in life.However it is very important to get the help of an instructor before doing yoga to prevent injury and further pain.

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              love reading through these responses... thanks for sharing, all!
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                Ayurveda benefits

                Ayurveda has many benefits. It treating the whole body from the roots. So, it can resolve Arthritis issues from the root. School of Ayurveda and panchakarma providing best courses and treatments for Arthritis. For best Ayurveda treatments and courses, visit:


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                  Treatment for Arthritis, Joint & Knee Pains

                  The only right way of treating arthritis is the ayurvedic solution! As on my experience I would saw many machinery treatments which have never worked. Moreover such treatments will fall for temporary solutions.. One among the best solution that many have suggested for my mother is OrthoRaksha Ayurvedic Medicine for Joint Pains from Jammi Pharmateucials.. Best way of treatments starts natural & organic way of ayurvedic products finds instant relief and permanent solutions! Buy product online now and get cure from Joint & knee pain!
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