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Cause of acne

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  • Cause of acne

    Does stress cause acne?

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    Acne is a hormonal condition, mostly powered by oil creation in the skin. Stress leads to and rise in the creation of particular hormones in your body known as androgens. These androgens make the oil glands in your skin to boost the quantity of sebum in your skin. For prone sufferers, this rise in oil may cause acne or aggravate acne already present.


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      Aches are often caused by different type of injury to a muscle, bone, ligament or tendon. These injuries can be mild and inconsequential, such as might be sustained during a typical workout. This type of mild ache is normal and is a sign your body was stressed and is repairing itself.
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        Never use the high diet proteins food as well oily foods secondly never use sub standard creams which are adverse effect for the skin.In this regard self medication not taken just to consult the doctor for its more protection and its better safety.


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          yes i think stress can be the reason for acne
          how to get rid of acne


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            Excess pitta (heat/fire) in the body can be a cause of Acne. Any type of inflammation is caused by excess pitta. And since heat rises, that would explain why acne is usually on the upper back and face, as opposed to feet and legs (though butt acne is fairly common...).
            A pitta-pacifying diet and lifestyle can help: eating cooling foods, avoiding fatty and spicy foods, not exercising in mid-day, and not letting irritation, anger, frustration build up in the body (releasing it in healthy, non-destructive ways, for example through exercise, kundalini yoga...) are some ways to pacify pitta.


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              Yes stress is also responsible for acne.
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                An Effective Ayurvedic Cure for Acne and Other Skin Problems

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                  causes of acne and how to treat them naturally


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                    Skin break out is a hormonal condition, for the most part controlled by oil creation in the skin, push prompts and ascend in the formation of specific hormones in your body known as androgen, these androgen make the oil organs in your skin to support the amount of sebum in your skin, for inclined sufferers, this ascent in oil may cause skin inflammation or irritate skin inflammation officially present...

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                      Natural Treatment for Acne

                      I have started drinking a glass of green tea with lemon juice. Iíve seen big improvements in my skin. Itís the best remedy to get rid of pimples and acne quickly by applying the paste of boiled green tea.


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                        1. Dirt
                        2. Oily skin
                        3. Not using the face wash
                        4. Stress
                        5. Depression


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