Hi All,

Past few months I had a yellowish dry cough (with continuous khaansi). At that time a friend of mine offered me a ayurvedic plant stick (slightly reddish in color and very strong in nature) which is exactly alike jyeshthamadha/licorice but not licorice at all. He told me to boil that stick in water and drink that water, he asked me to do so till 7days. He also told me it is not meant for kids due to strong in nature.

I followed his advice and did so 7 days, when I boiled it in water it gets red color. I drank that water. I found that it is very effective for cough treatment and all of my yellowish dry cough wiped out in the span of 3-4 days.

However today I couldnot recall the name of that plant stick and dont have contact of that friend also. Does anyone here know what should have been name of that plant stick ? In between I enquired in many ayurvedic shop but they told me they dont keep any other stick rather than jyeshthamadha/licorice. Can anyone here help me in finding out name of that plant stick as described above?

Thanking You.