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Best herbs for fertility and impotence?

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  • Best herbs for fertility and impotence?


    In India season has almost changed, especially in the north part of Gujrat where we live. Well, I am having some problems related with erectile dysfunction and I am married. I saw on net somewhere and wanted to take a preparation which I have made. Before taking this, I wanted to know if I am doing is right or not.

    I took the following things:

    100 gms White Musli and made its powder
    100 gms Ashwagandha Powder Churna
    100 gms Shatavari Churna
    100 gms Mishri and crushed it to powder
    100 gm Kaunch Seeds and removed the cover and crushed to powder

    I mixed all the above and now have filled this mixture in the plastic jar (of my old Bournvita Box). I have planned to take this mixture in the night with one glass of milk and if I am outside the home (many times, due to job) then with water. The quantity to be taken is one teaspoonful. Please advice if this is okay in this context?

    Note: A few Kaunch Seeds got powdered with the cover itself. And I guess that it won't effect adversely.


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    The powder you mentioned here seems to be good. Please remove Kaunch seeds from it as it should not be consumed as direct crushed powder, rather there is a separate process followed to purify[Shudhh] the kauch seeds before use in Ayurveda. Rest seems fine

    Healthy wishes!


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      Dear Sir,

      Thanks for the wishes and thanks for confirmation.



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        Ashwagandha one of the best herbal medicine for curing fertility and impotence.
        Musli | Medical Benefits of Musli | Withania Somnifera | Medical Benefits of Withania Somnifera |


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