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Care your skin with Ayurveda

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    Yes, I agreed but this Ayurveda has a long time to get the result. So it's better to contact your doctor after that you can start..
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      Yes, Ayurvedic has long time and visible effect.


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        With the ever-growing pollution around us, the need to protect our skin from harmful pollutants has also been increased manifold. In order to protect your skin and to have naturally healthy skin, it is not always necessary to use expensive cosmetics, sometimes some natural and simple beauty tips (many of which are homemade) do great work, and that too with comparatively no side effects. Everyone wants to know how to get glowing skin. So, here is the list of top 10 Natural Ayurvedic Beauty Tips for a Glowing Skin.


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          According to Ayurveda, hair type is directly related to body type and is systematically classified into three categories; Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. Each hair type has distinct features

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            Ayurvedic Skincare, natural solution to all skin probems

            Face Ubtans are used to impart natural glow by using all natural ingredients on the body to provide the benefits of massage. Indian folk healers practised and relied on this method since ages to have naturally glowing skin. Ubtans, mostly used in north India, can be used for both body and face. But regular usage of ubtans on face should be avoided; for body one can use ubtans on daily basis. Correct Ubtan on skin can bring the inner glow leaving it soft and smooth.

            Types of Face Ubtans
            There are several types of Face Ubtans, which are used for different purposes of the skin. Some are used as only face wash, and some are used as face packs. Different types of Face Ubtans are provided below:


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              Ayurvedic Massage in Panchakarma

              The origin of Ayurvedic massage dates back to 3,000 years and is used to promote the importance of health and well-being to all generations within the family, especially to the younger members.

              Ayurvedic Massage in Panchakarma
              An Ayurvedic massage is the part of the traditional detoxification and rejuvenation program of India called Panchakarma, in which the entire body is energetically massaged with large amounts of warm oil and herbs to remove toxins from the system. Oil is also poured into the ears, between the eyebrows and at specific chakras, or energy points, during techniques known respectively as Karna Purana, Shirodhara and Marma Chikitsa. These treatments have been powerful in their effects upon the mind and nervous system by calming, balancing, bringing a heightened sense of awareness and deep inner peace.

              Techniques of Ayurvedic Massage
              The techniques of Ayurvedic Massage can be done either as stand-alone treatments or in conjunction with other Ayurvedic treatments. In Samhita, which stands as one of the most ancient and most reliable Ayurvedic texts the technique of Abhyanga or Ayurvedic message is mentioned. Ayurvedic massage or the Abhyanga incorporates the usage of warm oils and herbs along with stimulating the specific energy points to help restoring balance to the body. Massage strokes, oils and herbs are selected based on individualís need.

              Benefits of Ayurvedic Massage
              Abhyanga, the Ayurvedic message is an easy method that can be incorporated in oneís daily routine without much complication. It has many positive effects and therefore none wants to miss its beneficiary sides. It is especially good for weak people, who are unable to exercise. Abhyanga makes one strong and smooth skinned and helps to fight against the exhaustion and exertion.
              For more read:


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