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Karkidaka chikitsa / Monsoon Treatment

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  • Karkidaka chikitsa / Monsoon Treatment

    Karkidaka is the most challenging period of the year physically, mentally and spiritually.Karkidakam or the monsoon season his most suitable for the ayurvedic treatment as the human body will be more recipient to all ayurvedic medicines and treatments.Karkidaka Kanji/ oushadha Kanji is a medicinal rice soup is a traditional item of Kerala during the rainy days.The Karkidaka Chikitsa or monsoon treatment also known as Rithu charya treatment.Monsoon is the time when tridoshas undergo vitiation and needs to be expelled out of the body. Due to this vitiated and imbalanced doshas many diseases like fever, skin diseses,cold and cough, digestive problems, inflammatory conditions etc are seen to surf up. A combined therapy schedule as per the individual constitution is recommended for complete physical and mental health. The therapy leaves the body replenished, nourished and fully rejuvenated. for more details visit :

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    Karkidaka Monsoon Treatment

    Karkidakam month is the specific ayurvedic treatments followed by people. According to our tradition, karkidaka month is considered most ideal for undergoing Ayurveda based body rejuvenation therapies. The body is considered highly receptive to Ayurveda treatments during this period and hence karkidaka treatments aimed at strengthening the body would be more effective.

    There are various ayurvedic therapies and diet that is followed during the month of Karkidakam. And these therapies help an individual to go through the rest of the year by having a recharged and energized body and mind. Vegetarian diet is recommended during this period , medicated gruel called karkidaka kanji or oushada kanji (medicinal gruel) is administered at this season. Karkkidaka kanji consists of boiled cereals and medicinal plants. Along with njavara rice, 12 to 24 types of medicinal herbs are used in preparing the gruel. This boosts the immunity and there by regaining our body strength.

    To know more about Karkidaka treatment and packages visit - http://hindusthanayurvedichealthcare...atment-in.html

    Hope this helped.


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      Monsoon/Summer offer valid from April to Sept. 2017
      GET ONE night ROOM+ONE day treatment & food for each 7days packages, 2 days free for 14 and 3 days- for 21 days, etc applicable only from April to Sept. 2017
      Treatment duration is 2.30 to 3:00 hrs/day. (Treatment will be everyday)
      An Ayurvedic diet will be issued after the consultation (The diet contains varieties of Ayurvedic food)
      WiFi is available at free of cost.
      Complimentary use of swimming pool and health club.
      Complimentary TRV Airport transfers with minimum 7 days Treatment with Room.
      ONE hours Complimentary Cooking demonstration on Sundays or Saturdays.
      Individual safe locker is available in all the Rooms
      Dr.Franklin's Panchakarma Institute and Research centre is the best Ayurveda hospital / treatment centre in Trivandrum, Kerala. We are pleased to welcome you to the holistic place to revive your body, mind and soul.

      "We are very pleased to welcome you to take part in the holistic retreat of Ayurveda, Yoga & Meditation at our Panchakarma Institute"
      Dr. Franklin's Panchakarma Institute & Research Centre
      Chowara P.O.
      Kerala - 695501
      South India

      Tel: +91-471-2480870, 2267974, 2267670
      Email: [email protected]

      For reservation via email:

      [email protected]

      If you have not received reply in your inbox , please check your junk emails and spam box. Note: If you do not receive a reply from us within 24 hours, it means that we have not received the communication.

      Please contact us on
      Tel: +91- 471-2480870, 2267974 and 2267670

      Urgent reservation: (Mob) +91-9946310551
      For medical enquires we may take 36 hours for reply.
      We will be in great pleasure to welcome you to our Panchakarma institute. We assure you our perfect service.

      Our stressful life style and bad habits throw us to various diseases. Be prepared to follow a healthy Ayurvedic life style. Ayurveda believes that 'dinacharya- a disciplined daily routine strengthen our body and power our mind.

      Ayurveda treatment purifies your body, Yoga and meditation energises your mind. Your virtuous deeds win your soul.

      NB: We have new facilities : Medical Laboratory and Beauty centre


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        Improve your body's immunity with Karkidakam treatments from Hindustan Ayurvedic Health Care. A Seven-day treatment includes Virechanam, Abhyangam, Naranga Kizhi, Navara Kizhi and Nasyam. Apart from this 14 and 21 days treatment are also available to keep a healthy body and mind this season.
        Karkidaka Package Details Are as follows:

        1. 7 DAYS 7,000/- 9700/- (20%)

        5 TREATMENTS

        Virechanam -1
        Abhyangam - 3
        Naranga Kizhi - 3
        Navara Kizhi - 1
        Nasyam - 3

        2. 14 Days 13,000/-

        7 TREATMENTS

        Virechanam - 1
        Abhyangam - 2
        Podikizhi - 3
        Naranga Kizhi - 4
        Navara Kizhi -3
        Shirodhara - 2
        Nasyam - 4

        3. 21 Days 28,000/- 35,000/-(20%)----->28,000/-

        11 TREATMENTS

        Virechanam - 1
        Abhyangam - 3
        Udwarthanam - 3
        Podikizhi - 3
        Naranga Kizhi - 4
        Ela Kizhi - 4
        Navara Kizhi -4
        Shirodhara - 4
        Matra Vasti - 4
        Kashaya Vasti - 2
        Nasyam - 7

        4. 21 Days 18,000/- 25,000/-(20%)----->18,000/-

        8 TREATMENTS

        Virechanam - 1
        Abhyangam - 4
        Udwarthanam - 3
        Podikizhi - 4
        Naranga Kizhi - 4
        Navara Kizhi - 3
        Shirodhara - 3
        Nasyam - 7

        5. Complementary

        1. All Package
        Free Nasyam
        Free Coupon( Hair Cut & Herbal Facial)
        Free Karkidaka Kanji after treatment

        2. 14, 21 Days --- 3 Vouchers of 6 months validity includes 20% discount on all spa & salon treatments in Hindusthan Healthcare Center, Vazhuthacaud Branch.

        Click image for larger version

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          No doubt monsoon season brings in more difficulty for skin and hair care and issues arises to the highest in this season the most. so one must know how to take care of their skin in the monsoons.


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