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Ayurveda skin and hair care

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    An ever increasing number of individuals are turning towards Ayurveda for their male pattern baldness issue. Male pattern baldness can be humiliating and hamper one's confidence and certainty. At the point when treated early male pattern baldness can be diminished and even halted totally.

    Valuable Dietary Tips

    — Aloe vera: Take the 1/some aloe vera juice. Rather than this, you can likewise take 1 tbsp of aloe vera gel with a squeeze of cumin thrice daily for 3 months for hair fall control.

    — Drink crisp juices of carrot, horse feed, lettuce and spinach for helping in hair development.

    — Sesame seeds: A spoonful of white sesame seeds every morning can be an awesome wellspring of magnesium and calcium. They are exceptionally compelling male pattern baldness checkers.

    — Yogurt: Consuming yogurt regular lessens hair tumble to a vast degree. It is a trusted solution for hair related issues.

    — Green verdant vegetables and natural products: No one can disparage vegetables and organic products for safeguarding hair fall, as they are rich in fiber which are an amazing in anticipating hair fall.
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      I like to suggest you go for ayurvedic treatment . For this ayurvedic treatment i would suggest you parijatak ayurvedic.for details visit us on


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        Pitta skin is more fair or rosy in color, soft, warm to the touch, and of medium thickness. These qualities, along with blond or red-colored hair, correspond to the warm, fiery Pitta dosha. When out of balance, Pitta skin types can suffer from skin rashes, breakouts, acne, liver spots or rosacea. Pitta skin is usually more sensitive, and emotional stress can cause you to blush when embarrassed, or experience breakouts, canker sores or rashes when under stress.


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          Ayurvedic is found to be quite useful for the skin as well as hair. It contains various benefits that are quite helpful. There is this site named Sheetal Herbal which provides only ayurvedic products. Also, the products over here are available at affordable rates. I bought amla hair oil from this site for my hair. After, using it for only 1 months I noticed difference in my hair fall. They are the leading herbal products manufacturers in india. You can know more about it on its site.


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            Ayurvedic beauty care products are the best in their category. Made with pure herbs and natural ingredients they do not cause any side effects or cause any kind of skin burns or irritation.
            Most people in India prefer Ayurvedic products when it comes to skin care and hair care as they are suited for all types of skin.
            BIOTIQUE in India is the leading seller of ayurvedic beauty care products.
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              General Health: Diet.

              Cleanser: Mild cleanser.

              The best conditioners: Egg.

              Purifying without end the irritated scalp: Lemon juice and olive oil.

              Harmed hair: Honey and Olive oil.

              Volume promoters: Beer and Egg.

              Bunched up hair: Avacoda.

              Dandruff: Brown Sugar.
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                Must-Have Skin Care Products for Women. Cream with a SPF of somewhere around 15. Eye cosmetics remover. Exfoliator, which expels dead skin cells and can leave your skin smoother, milder, and more splendid. Cover (A mud pack veil, for instance, fixes skin and mollify lines. Eye gel. Razor and shave gel.
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                  Originally posted by anshika154 View Post
                  Use Aloevera with tumeric is very effective for marks and scars.even use any essential oil which suits to your skin
                  Thanks for sharing.


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                    Ayurveda skin and hair care

                    does anyone use Clinique facial skin care products? Someone recommended it to me, but Im a little skeptical, considering the price. And whether or not it would work on indian skin? .. Jzk
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                      Thank you all for the great information, I would like to say Bhringraj—The King Of Herbs is one of the effective Ayurvedic Remedy For Hair Fall And Hair Regrowth.


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                        Apply the carrot grinding and some quantity of honey on the face and leave it for 15 minutes. if you continue it for sometimes, it will give you a different look. It is one of the secret of glowing skin.

                        CBD Cream
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                          Ayurvedic Skincare- Natural cure for all skin problems

                          Applications of medicine to the skin, according to Sushruta consist of ghritas, oils, plasters, poultices, baths and hot applications for inducing perspiration. They are for the most part rubbed all over the body, except those intended for local ailments. In the Sushruta Samhita, Plasters called "Pralepa" are applied moist and cold, "Pradeha" or poultices are applied moist and hot. They are also thicker than plasters.

                          Another mode of application of medicine to the skin as mentioned by Sushruta is Svedana which means application of heat to the skin for inducing perspiration. This is carried out in 4 different ways:
                          1. Tapasveda:
                          2. Ushmasveda:
                          3. Upandhasveda:
                          4. Dravaaveda:

                          To learn more about these methods you can visit the link:

                          Ayurvedic care for face starts with application of Ubtans. This is a century old method that has no substitute even today. Face Ubtans are used to impart natural glow by using all natural ingredients on the body to provide the benefits of massage. Indian folk healers practised and relied on this method since ages to have naturally glowing skin. Ubtans, mostly used in north India, can be used for both body and face. But regular usage of ubtans on face should be avoided; for body one can use ubtans on daily basis. Correct Ubtan on skin can bring the inner glow leaving it soft and smooth.
                          Learn more about ayurvedic face ubtans here:


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                            It is always better to opt for ayurveda when it comes to skincare and beauty. I often make use of ayurveda packages ( ) when I feel stressed out or when I feel like I have got less "me-time".


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                              I am in love with aloe vera gel for its affect on my hair as well as my skin, it makes my hair feel so smooth and can be used as a face mask too for hydrating the skin. I have been using the Kapiva one and its so good!


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