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  • Depression


    Depression is a mood disorder that causes a persistent feeling of sadness and a loss of interest in person place or things. In today’s fast moving technology dependent life, Certain professions like IT, Banking , Finance We encounter more stressful situations resulting in increased incidence of psychiatric disorders , depression etc.


    · Abuse- Past, physical, sexual or emotional abuse can increase the Vulnerability to clinical depression later in life.
    · Drugs- Various drugs like accutane (used to treat acne) , the anti viral drug interferon –corticosteroids, narcotic and psycho tropic substances.
    · Death & Loss – Sadness or grief from the death or loss of a loved one may increase the risk of depression.
    · Genetics- Family history of depression may increase the risk.
    · Major events- Like starting a new job, graduating or getting married can also lead to depression.
    · Serious illness, Social isolation, Work stress, Stressful interpersonal relations, financial losses etc are some conditions where the patient is not able to cope up with , which may start or aggravate depression.


    · Loss of interest in daily activities
    · Loss of Appetite and change in weight
    · Anger or irritability
    · Reckless behavior , Sleep changes
    · Feeling of helplessness & hopelessness
    · Concentration problems

    Associated problems
    · Anemia
    · Hair fall
    · Anxiety
    · Body pain
    · Headache


    · Physical examination
    · Counseling & clinical assessment By directly talking to patient

    Ayurveda treatment for depression
    Ayurveda mentions depression as vishada which means reduced Satvik (Positive) Energy and aggravation of Tamsik (Negative) & Rajsvik energies. weakened ojas ( essence of all dhatus) often contributes to depression. Pran vayu is responsible for proper functioning of mind.

    Herbs used in treatment of depression
    · Ashwagandha (Withania sominphera)
    · Brahmni (Baccopa moneri)
    · Turmeric ( Curcuma longa)
    · Jatamansi (Nardostachys Jatamansi)
    · Triphala (Amblaki –Emblica officinalis , Haritaki- Terminalia chebula , Baheda- Terminalia bellerica )

    Panchkarma treatment for Depression
    · Shirodhara
    · Ksheerdhara
    · Abhyangam
    · Pizchil (sarwang dhara)
    · Nasyam
    · Head massage
    · Steam


    · Patient should avoid being alone , stressful situations, skiping meals. Food is said to be a good anti depressant.
    · Keep yourself involves in activities that give you pleasure
    · Regular physical exercise, walk, going to gym etc will help to meet new friends which in turn help remove loneliness and depression.
    · Green leafy vegetables & fresh fruits – Broccoli , Cabbage, radish, carrot, nuts, pineapple, pomegranate. Keep the general health of the patient in good condition as well as help control the psychiatric condition also.
    · Some spices like cinnamon , turmeric, cumin, green tea.

    · Increased intake of water, liquids, fruit juice , herbal tea etc.

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    now a days depression is very common disease.we provide ayurvedic treatment for depression for more details visit us on You.


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      Great information about Depression. Ayurveda is the best way you can reduce Depression.
      For more details regarding the treatments in Ayurveda visit:


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        "How to manage depression through Ayurveda".


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          Depression and ayurveda

          Thank you for the amazing information about depression blog .all the steps are important when we suffer from depression. I get motivated by the post and alert from mistakes.thanks for sharing this. In normal life people daily suffers from this problem.
          our PARIJATAK AYURVEDA Also provides the treatment for depression. Due to competitive lifestyle, many peoples in the world were suffering from this Depression. Near about !0% of the population suffered from this problem. In Ayurveda, it is called as Vishaad or Manoavasad. Depression not only affects the mind but also it affects the body of the person.
          for more information, you can visit our website


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            depression is very common now a days.i would like to suggest some ayurvedic treatment-
            Abhyangam : A full body massage with medicated oil increases blood circulation. By which internal toxins can be eliminated from the body. Stimulation of vital pressure points leads to nervous stimulation leading to stress reduction.

            Padabhyangam.By the foot massage we apply the pressure on vital points which balances the Doshas. Stimulation of vital points induces mental calmness and relief from stress.

            Nasyam : Nasyam means administration of medicines through nose. Nasyam stimulates the vital centers of brain that regulate emotions.

            Pizhichil : Means squeezing of body with medicated oil.It helps in physical and mental relaxation. The stress and tension building up in the system due to various factors often leads to oxidative stress which can be effectively combated by Pizhichil.

            Kizhi : Pottali prepared with powders, herbs, rice or sand t are heated and then apply over the body or specific parts of the body . This leads to improvement in circulation. Enhanced circulation reduces the oxidative stress thereby relieving the psycho-physical symptoms of stress.
            for more details visit us on-
            Thank You


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              Very informative article regarding depression. Nowadays depression has emerged as one of the major mental problems due to the fast-paced life. It's been great to know the precautions of depression as we all know that prevention is better than cure.


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