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Beauty Comes From Deep Within

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  • jacobja

    Beauty is both the outside and inside....

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  • Preeti Chau
    I am great believer of Ayurveda and believe that if followed rightly, Ayurveda can do wonders for your life. Ayurveda can change your life both physically and mentally. Use only natural products for both eating and applying on the skin. Generally, if you follow this simple rule: apply on your skin only what you can eat, then your skin will always thank you for it. So if you eat papaya, apply papaya and its skin on your body, the same case with banana and lemon. Also, coconut is a great product for your skin. Fights dryness and ageing. Use coconut in the form of milk or oil on your skin and see your skin glowing.

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  • ayurvedaacademy
    started a topic Beauty Comes From Deep Within

    Beauty Comes From Deep Within

    The idea of making someone more attractive with cosmetics is as old as time. We all know it is impossible to stop the clock, it just seems to keep ticking. How about if we slow it down a bit?

    Ayurveda uses herbs and other useful tools to delay and slow down the aging process. Itís not only about the herbs, many factors come into play here. The way we think, what we eat and how much. More importantly our schedule we keep, our body is looking for a routine. Understanding this makes it so much easier to find that rhythm.

    In Ayurveda there are various treatments that are spelled out and are to be practiced to extend youth. Ayurveda has a holistic approach to beauty and offers many natural oils, herbs and creams along with daily practices designed to keep us all young and vibrant.

    All of the Ayurvedic suggestions are so easy to incorporate into your busy schedule and when you see the results, you will always want to take the time to do things in a more natural way.

    Aging of the skin comes from constant ďexposure and wearĒ. Including exposure to the environment, that sometimes can be dirty and toxic. This also includes being exposed to your own waste in the form of sweat, that can be very drying. Keeping your skin clear of these irritants is the first step to a clear complexion.

    Having a peaceful mind goes a long way when looking to achieve anti aging and nice clear skin. Worry only gives us a worried look that instantly ages us and on the inside itís worse. Creating undesirable chemicals and hormones that donít serve us well.

    Making sure that you schedule has enough time for you is the first thing to check off the list. Time for yourself to unwind and take a deep breath is very important, it makes you feel better after a long day.

    Ensuring that you have 3 square meals with lots of fruits and vegetable and that you are consistent about the times and the amounts. Itís always best if fresh local cuisine can be chosen.

    Regular exercise and movement is essential in keeping overall health and strength. When you fuel your body correctly with plenty of fresh, local organic products, exercise will be a snap and you will get optimum results.

    So you see, there is so much more to anti aging, staying young and being vibrant too than meets the eye. So many people just look at the area they want to improve and not look at the road that leads there to correct the bumps along the way.

    Ayurveda addresses beauty from the inside all the way to the surface. Because true beauty starts from deep within.

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