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How to loose weight and balance my vatta

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  • How to loose weight and balance my vatta

    Hi all, Im trying to loose weight and really tone up my body but I have a horrible vatta imbalance. I don't want to eat too many fruits because thats sugar or things like squash of sweet potatoes because of all the carbs. Any one have any suggestions for me. Im allergic to gluten dairy and soy and Ive been trying to just eat chicken and mung beans and quina but I offer suffer from consipation. How can I loose weight and help my vatta? thanks!

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    I am from India.

    I am planning to lose weight, i have heard about Ayurveda diet and massages and their therapy it helps to reduce weight it really helpful? Can someone suggest about Ayurveda diet and more therapies related to it.



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      Lossing weight and fat is a common issue which everyone faces it in day to day life. There are many health facilities which is available. Why don't you treat Namami holistic wellness retreat. We have various packages . We do have weight lose treatment and ayurveda treatment. Why don't you visit our site :

      Do it once and feel the change in yourself.



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        Weightloss Ayurvedic treatment

        Ayurveda has effective treatments for Weightloss, You can reduce your weight without skipping your diet and without rigorous exercise. Ayurveda treats obesity with herbal medicines, Yoga and medications. Ayurveda has different types of body massage with herbal oil for removing the excess fat from the body. There are internal and external medicines administered to control weight gain. Ayurvedic massages are nature's true gift in regaining body and mind. Massages using medicated oils,powders and herbs helps in eliminating all the toxins from body and reduces common aliments and body pains. Now a days many people are depending on ayurveda to reduce weight.

        Read this article regarding ayurvedic treatment for weight loss and how it is accomplished- http://hindusthanayurvedichealthcare...tments-in.html

        For more treatment you may visit - http://www.hindusthanayurvedichealth...diabetics.html

        Hope this helped


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          Ayurvedic weightloss may takes time but it is reliable
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