I start and explore Ayurveda for my mom, she is 60 year old and weight 120kg

She is CML patient(everything ok) but easily get infected
Diabetics(recently out of control)
Low EF 25% on last Echo(this is why im here.)

For her good health i come to conclusion that i need to do two basic things for her.

1. Lower her weight which is very hard due to her physically conditions and she also putting lots of fat where she having control diet.
2. Increase her EF of heart

In my understanding as winter struck India she start complication like Cough and breathlessness. She is clear case of Kapha and Vata dosha.

For her treatment i start along with conventional medicine following remedies:

1. Hajmola candies After dinner(she having great relief on constipation and dryness of mouh from it due to its content perfect for her condition like kaali mirch, jeera, saunth etc..)

2. Arjuna Tea for heart

3. Triphala at night(to reduce ama)

4. Fenugreek Seeds water soak at night at morning for diabetics, may be i gonna try betel seeds water for her.

Now i want to increase her Ojas to increase her power.

For that i plan to give her night soaked Nuts with ghee tadka with milk in morning and Chyawanprash but worry it will increase her Kapha and it will make tough to loss her weight.

Her LIPID report saying she is under cholesterol case means all type of cholesterol are less than minimum values.

Any suggestion will be appreciated.