When you would fall sick as a young kid, what would be that one thing that you would definitely be given by your mom or grandma to ease your symptoms before you being taken to the doctor? They would give you kadha for cold or whatever health issues that you were facing. The kadha is a mixture of different kinds of medicinal herbs that are blended together in order to make a kadha recipe that is known to be effective for you and your loved ones whenever they fall ill. Kadhas can be of different types. Each kadha has its own specialty. There will be a different kadha for cough, different one for cold and a different one if you have fever or so.

The concept of making kadha for illness is more than five hundred years old. It is, in fact, one of the oldest forms of medicines that have been given to us by the ancient scriptures by Ayurveda. The kadha is prepared through a decoction made with the help of water. Kadha is something that is made from ingredients from which you cannot extract any juice. The usual ingredients include black pepper, turmeric (the most common and important one), clove, mint, cardamom, cumin and so on. With this, most people even add honey, for it to sooth our throat.

Now, kadha isn’t something hat should be consumed only when one falls sick. Today, a lot of people have it any time they want, as a means to boost their immunity. The kadha recipe for boosting immunity is also different. It goes without saying that kadha is no less than a magic potion that works to keep you fit from inside out. Another beautiful feature and benefit of having kadha is that it comes with zero side effects as it uses all-natural ingredients.

In uncertain times as these, it is very important that we are watchful of the food that we feeding our body. Kadha as an immunity booster also works as a detox, since it flushes out all kinds of toxins that might be present in your body and keeps you going. Having kadha every day will also help in having an improved digestive system. For people who suffer from constipation or any other problems with bowel movement, a kadha recipe with the above-mentioned ingredients would be perfect for it. It eases digestion, bloating and any other kind of problem that you might face.

Next, kadha is beneficial for your body in terms of destressing as well. In the everyday hustle of life, it is important that we take a break for sometime and sip on the ayurvedic kadha. The aromatic mixture of herbs and spices have properties that are known to be stress busting and helps you having a calmer day.

There are a number of brands in India that provide kadhas as good as the ones that we were given by our mothers and our grandmothers. You can look them up in your search engine order a pack for yourself to consume everyday.