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Pitta-Kapha food and herb recommendations?

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  • Pitta-Kapha food and herb recommendations?

    I recently saw a doctor of ayruvedic medicine for accupuncture treatments and health advice. My knees were not healing(torn ACL's) after three years of conventional treatments, and my weight kept creeping up, in spite of really cutting calories and exercising.
    I was skeptical about the food according to my dosha recommendations, but the accupuncture worked so well, and he seemed so wise, that I have decided to further explore Ayruvedic medicine.
    Apparently I am mostly Kapha, with some Pitta tendencies. This certainly seems correct. I do best if I stay away from red meats, seafood,leavened breads, dairy, nuts, and fats. In the past, in an effort to lose my belly and feel better, I have eliminated red meat for a few weeks-and felt better, and later I tried low carb-and felt better. Being a 'sandwhich lover I couldnt maintain it.
    Now my eyes are opening, and I am willing to try to eat the right way for my kapha, and make an effort to really stay away from meat and breads, especially. The seafood will be tough as I was raised on the coast and ate a lot in my younger days.
    As for herbs, I bought some Trikatu, and it seems to be helping with digestion. I would like to try a few more that might get my sluggish metabolism going.
    I would love to hear from anyone out there, especially people like me. Thanks, and God Bless!

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    Ayurvedic food is not enough

    This is a common misperception that only changing into Ayurvedic diet will help people feel better.
    When someone talks about Ayurveda, we associate it with Herbs. Although this is true to some extend, it is not enough to lead a healthy vedic life.
    Ayurveda touches 4 different aspects of life what we eat, how we live, where we live and the state of our mind.


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      You might find this link really useful:

      It's a collection of ayurvedic recipes. You can filter by dosha and the meal characteristics. I found it really useful in coming up with recipes to plan my diet according to my being Pitta.
      Kare Ayurveda & Yoga Health Retreat


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