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New health and nutrition products in the Indian market

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  • New health and nutrition products in the Indian market

    Being a Nutritionist it is very important for me to be updated with all new health and nutrition products in the market is very essential for my profession. One of my colleague asked me to register for the Nutra India Summit 2013 which is India’s biggest Nutraceuticals,Functional Foods,Dietary Supplements and Ingredients show that will be held in Mumbai from 13th to 16th of March 2013. The Summit also has a event called NuFFoods that will have all the latest launches of products in the health and nutrition industry. The Summit has experts from all over world who will speak on health and nutrition industry which seems to be a great opportunity for learning.

    To attend the Summit, register here . However, the Health & Food expo has open entry for all

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    hi thank you so much for sharing this information.

    Even i am very keen to be updated with the latest in the nutrition industry.I had visited the Nutra India Summit last year and i found it very informative.

    The Summit had industry leaders and experts who shared about the latest innovations and best practices followed .All this information is very helpful in my profession.

    I am thinking to participate in the Summit this year too.

    I will participate in the Summit this year too.


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      Hey Reet and Paras

      Did you check the New brochure uploaded by the Nutra India Summit 2013 website

      The new brochure has all updated information about the event and the speaker to attend the event at mumbai

      check the new brochure at


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        Cinnamon is very good herbal treatment for the fat burning, The combination of ginger, beans, and freshly squeezed orange juice work very effectively to get rid of the excess fat in body and excess weight without any side effects....
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          One of the most new & innovative ayurvedic heathcare product that I came across recently is HERBOfit by Dr. Vaidya's. HERBOfit is a concentrated extract of 21 active ingredients of Chyawanprash in the form of multivitamin capsules specially designed for the modern consumer. So like the best chyawanprash, HERBOfit regenerates tissues, builds up immunity, tones up muscles, helps digestion, boosts energy and slows down the ageing process. In essence, HERBOfit restores all the human systems in working order and thus helps in preventing illnesses and ailments by building up the body's resistance. And unlike any other chyawanprash, it is virtually sugarfree.
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            The health and food supplements sector till 4-5 years back was dominated by a handful of foreign players such as Optimum Nutrition, Ultimate Nutrition



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