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Avoid Fast Foods

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  • Avoid Fast Foods

    Fast foods are not effective for health. They added different health related problems. Try to eat natural foods. Here are some foods that are not good for health.
    Diet soda
    Artificial sweeteners
    Light salad dressings
    Processed diet foods and snacks
    Baked chips

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    I am agree with you fast foods are not good for our health and fitness.
    These foods increase the cholesterol level, and fat which lead to obesity, heart problems, and many other serious diseases.
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      Fast food not good for the health.


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        Well fast food is not good for health if you want to loose weight and fit body so avoid fast foods, becacuse fast food and oily food can make you fat and increase the cholesterol level, and many other diseases heart problem etc.. so avoid the fast food.
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          Fast food are not good and healthy for us these foods can give harm for health. The meat and other foods sold at fast food restaurants bears little to no resemblance to actual freshly cut meat. Food scientists employ a number of very deceptive and clever techniques to fool the senses into thinking that such foods are tasty and healthy.


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            Fast food is just in the favor of our taste buds but completely against out health.

            We live in such a busy world that we don't bother of our health.

            In one of the video's of past Nutra India Summit ,Prof Lakshmithathachar explains how people are ignorant about health food and just bother about taste.

            there is a great need to increase the awareness among the masses to eat nutritious and healthy food and be on the preventive side of treatment rather than on the curative side.


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              Fast foods are the main culprit of obesity. Hence, if you want to live a healthy and obese free life, avoid eating fast food and start eating healthy food, while exercising regularly.
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                Totally agree with the fact that fast food is not good for our health. Hence, we should stop living on junk food. Not only our health, but dental problems are also one of the problems arising because of junk food.
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                  My personal experience being a stomach patient I suffer in acute ulcer therefore I also agree never use such things like fast spices thing which are dangerous for all over the body.
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                    Hey guys,According to me that fast foods are not good for the stomach health and body
                    health.So we should be avoid on junk food because it cause of the different stomach
                    diseases.So i don't like the fast foods....

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                      Defiantly fast food is not good for your health.If you want to look smart and health you must avoid fast food.
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                        I do agree with you, fast foods are not healthy for us. They produce many health related problems like obesity, digestive problems etc. Eat whole, natural and unprocessed foods.

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                          Eating more fast foods is not healthy because these foods increase the cholesterol level and also increase the weight that leads to various health complication such as obesity, diabetes, and high blood pressure.
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