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Benefits of carrot

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    Carrot juice is amazing for health and wellness. It is rich in many vitamins and minerals. It increases eye sight, improves memory and gives glow to skin. Daily usage of it improves heart health.
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      Carrots one of the best known vegetables offering lots of brenefits.
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        Agree with mochi about cooking carrots. Raw carrots are hard to digest, but they also have Pitta in them, so you can have a small amount of shredded carrot at the beginning of a meal, when agni is strongest. But in general, cooked carrots are best.

        That dessert recipe sounds good, thank you for sharing. I am assuming carrots have a sweet taste, otherwise they would be incompatible with milk.


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          The regular consumption of carrots can actually have an possitive impact on health. As you said, they can improve the vision, prevent cancer, slow down aging process, etc. They are also a powerful antiseptic that can prevent infections.
          Some fun facts about carrots:
          Rabbits love to eat carrots but they shouldn’t eat too much.
          The biggest carrot recorded is more than 19 pounds and the longest is over 19 feet!
          There are over 100 species of carrots.
          English women in the 1600’s often wore carrot leaves in their hats in place of flowers or feathers.


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            nothing can makes you healthier than carrot
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