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spiced water

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  • spiced water

    Hi. I live in Brazil and now it is a big fashion here to drink spiced water. Sometimes people add cloves, or cinammon, or anise, or lemon, or honey, or some herbs, etc... Most part of the time people mix many things together. They are tasty and they are a nice option on summer, since here people drink them cold.
    Is it ok to drink a little of those waters despite of the dosha of a person, since the person will not e drinking that often?
    Is it ok to drink it cold?
    Are there any options that are ok for any of the doshas?
    Is it ok for kids to drink?
    Sorry for soooooo many questions

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    Every person known about the importance of the water.Water have own importance
    in our life.But we should be drink the water in more quantity because it is the best
    way for the weight loss and fat loss.Water keep protect from the different diseases
    and giving good energy and fitness...


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      Anyone can give me advice on spiced water?


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        Its fine for kids above 6 years old. Its better to use spiced water in warm form not in cold because it is more beneficial in warm form. You can use Lemon + Ginger + Cinammon + Anise + Black Salt together to make a tasty spiced water that is very effective to save from many type of diseases including skin related.
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          Yeah, i was wanted to know about the spiced water and what are its effects apart from above you have mentioned here..Is there any significant effect you can share with us...???


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            Man without water cannot live so water is important source in our body. I think spiced water is nutritious one so it helps to keep our body fit and energetic. Using herbs is added advantage in it.
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